2020 was QUITE THE YEAR! It was year that will never be forgotten and has impacted a lot in every aspect of our lives. 2020 Kdramaland gave us lots of great Kdramas and you know TheKThree and I tried to watch as much as we could. I mean who didn't try to escape 2020 with dramas?🤷‍♀️

Due to so many dramas coming out in 2020 and we all know you only have so much time, here is a list of Kdramas that TheKThree and I loved from 2020 that you might have missed. Maybe you can check out these gems and fit them into your 2021 watchlist!


Nobody Knows

Nobody Knows is a beautiful drama! The relationships it betrays between the various characters is just heartwarming and fantastic to watch on screen. It is dark for sure so just going to warn everyone.

The acting in this drama is FANTASTIC! It is subtle but amazing to watch. The story ebs and flows with quiet moments and explosive scenes and connects so well together. I cried multiple times while watching this drama.

The Good Detective

Fair warning, The Good Detective is a crime drama so it is VERY DARK! The drama does a very good job with some comedy mixed in though. There is fantastic acting in this as well and great chemistry with the cast.

I think what surprised us about this drama is that when one character realized he made a mistake, he owned up to it. Usually with Kdramas, you have a lot of secrets and corruption and things getting swept under the rug. To have someone realize that they made a mistake while investigating a case and then owning up to that and making it right - THAT WAS REFRESHING!

Find Me in Your Memory

Find Me in Your Memory was my (Caitlin) favorite romance of 2020. This drama was advertised as a romance but had a lot of genres and tropes mixed into it. I think it also aired during a time when a lot of other dramas were airing and starting so maybe not a lot of people checked it out. NOW YOU CAN!

You got a bit of everything - crime, romance, secrets, drama, family. I loved how natural the leads felt with each other. The romance was very sweet in this one and very satisfying. Yes it was a little makjang but I loved that! The relationships, in general, in this drama were just so nice to watch and become invested in.

My Unfamiliar Family

As the KThree said in their "2020 Kdrama Year in Review" video, this drama gave us the "Romance Wall"😂

NO, but really if you have not seen this drama (and I (Caitlin) am included in this, you should check it out).

It has everything from Romance to Family relationships to drama. It made us cry, yell, squeal with happiness. It was just so satisfying to watch and We loved every week that it was on.

Team Bulldog: Off-Duty Investigation

Team Bulldog: Off Duty Investigation was a crime drama that went under the radar FOR SURE! It had everything from comedy to crime to found family to action. All the actors in this played their characters so well and it is just such an entertaining drama to watch.

The OSTs were great for this drama too! It is an OCN drama and a crime drama so again can get a little dark BUT THE COMEDY HELPS OUT SO MUCH! Everyone needs to watch this drama ESPECIALLY IF YOU LOVE CRIME DRAMAS!

So, there you go! Some 2020 Kdramas that you might not have heard of or passed by that we think you should check out in 2021.

What 2020 Kdramas do you think needed more love or think went under the radar?

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