5 Stages of Grief - Kdrama Style

With only three months to go to the end of the year and some dramas (that will be our favorites!) have already completed and passed across our screens, never to be new to us ever again...

Have you ever just loved a drama SO MUCH that you literally go through the 5 stages of grief, dealing with the completion of the drama? What dramas affected you in this way? I know I have definitely had dramas affect me in this way. Curious what your dramas were.


You just finished the drama. You have completed 16 episodes of the drama where you got totally immersed in the story, connected on a deeper level with the characters and felt all the emotions on the spectrum. Now you can't accept that it is over. You keep checking for another episode or on the day it aired the next week, you go to watch the next episode...just to realize that it is over. You question "Well what do I watch now?" or "What am I going to do now that I don't have this drama in my life anymore?" "It can't be over, it isn't over." You stare at your screen, not wanting to move on from the drama and not knowing what to watch next (if anything at all). Nothing will compare to the drama you just completed...NOTHING!


This is the stage where you are angry. You ask why the producers didn't make the drama longer. You question why kdramas have to only be 16 episodes and not multiple seasons. You get angry at yourself for not drawing out the episodes and soaking up everything. Why didn't you make the drama last longer by only watching one episode a week? You want to throw your remote or computer because the drama is done and now you can't move on. You even ask why you clicked play on this drama in the first place because now you are in this situation. You walk around, in your daily life with a dark cloud around your head knowing that you will go home that night and not want to watch anything because you finished the drama.


The bargaining stage could take shape in many ways. You say to the kdrama gods, " I will never watch another kdrama again if ….." or "I will not watch any other kdrama except kdramas with this actor in it if...." or "If the drama announces a second season tomorrow, I will do...." etc. Sometimes this stage even resorts to threats which might be a combo of stage 2 and stage 3 of the 5 stages such as "If you don't make a second season of this kdrama and announce that one is in the works tomorrow, I am never going to watch another kdrama again!" Sometimes we just wish to see our favorite actor or actress in another drama RIGHT AWAY. "If you announce that _____ is in another drama tomorrow, I will..." Sometimes we think and say to the kdrama gods ALL OF THESE THINGS!


This is the stage where you wallow. You have come to realization that you need to move on but you wallow just a little bit more. You feel empty and think that no other drama will be able to fill the void that you now have in your life. You torture yourself by watching clips of your favorite parts on Youtube or fan made videos of the drama. You get home from work, school or just being out and you don't even try to watch anything, just stare at your screen. You try to cling on to the last wisps of the drama, trying to stay in the moment of the wonderful drama. You are trying to find the emotions and deep connection you had with the drama and stay in that moment as long as you can. You may even play the soundtrack on repeat, let the music wash over you and just listen. No one will admit this but you might even cry because you know you need to move on. You know deep down that you will never be able to erase the experience of watching this drama for the first time and experience it again for the first time...this is why there is this stage.


This stage is a combination of acceptance and distraction. You have accepted that you need to move on because you love kdramas just to much! You need to find a new one to distract you because you will be sad if you don't watch another kdrama for the rest of your life. You send out a call for help by maybe asking for help "I just finished this kdrama, what dramas helped you move from it?" or posting a poll on twitter of kdramas that have caught your attention, asking which one to watch next. You even resort to googling " I just finished ____, what dramas to replace it or to move on from it" TRUST ME, WE HAVE ALL BEEN THERE!! There are resources to turn too. You are not alone. Or you might browse the dramas premiering the next month and when one catches your attention, you click play. Sometimes you just binge watch all of one actor's or actress's dramas, that way you don't have to say good bye JUST YET. We all have ways to move on from that one drama.

NEXT THING WE KNOW....We are going through the 5 stages of kdrama grief ALL OVER AGAIN!

Speaking of reaching out for kdrama help and twitter, have you checked out TheKThree social accounts?





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