APRIL 2020 - What is Caitlin Excited For?

So we heard from TheKThree on what to look forward to and what they are looking forward too in Kdramaland for this month (April).

If you have not seen that video, You can check it out right Here!

BUT WHAT AM I (Caitlin) looking forward to in Kdramaland for April?

The King: Eternal Monarch

1) The King: Eternal Monarch

To no one's surprise, this is my TOP anticipated drama of April, MAYBE EVEN 2020. For drama watchers, we have had this drama on our list EVER SINCE IT WAS ANNOUNCED FOR MANY REASONS! One big one is that it is Lee Min Ho's return to dramaland after his military service and MANY FANS HAVE MISSED HIM (myself included). Lee Min Ho was my introduction to dramaland so it will be nice seeing him on my screen again. On top of Lee Min Ho, this drama has an AMAZING CAST! It has many veteran actors and is stacked with talent. Another reason why a lot of people are looking forward to this drama is the writer. The writer behind this drama has written many famous and well liked dramas so this drama is set at a HIGH BAR and there is a lot of high expectations. LASTLY, It will be nice to be watching a fantasy, sci fi drama again. I, for one, love when time travel/parallel worlds is involved in a story and fantasy is one of my top genres.

Exemplary Detective

2) Exemplary Detective

Recently it seems like a lot of kdramas have been sad/melodramas so the other two kdramas that I am looking forward to in April will be a welcoming comfort. I do not like to cry and I CRY VERY EASILY so watching melodramas are hard for me. Exemplary Detective seems like a comedy and sounds like it will be a fun ride. From what I read and what Jenn said in their April Dramas video, it seems like old school cop versus new school cop and the antics that result from that. That SHOUTS comedy to me and I AM HERE FOR IT! As you know, CRIME IS MY JAM so anything crime related I am there. THE CAST IS AMAZING AS WELL! So there is a lot to look forward to in this drama.

Good Casting

3) Good Casting

Last but certainly not least , there is the upcoming kdrama Good Casting. I have been waiting for this kdrama FOREVER!! I actually think I mentioned this in a 2019 post about dramas I was looking forward too in a certain month like November or December. It was pushed back in 2020 AND NOW IT IS FINALLY HERE! The Major reason I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS DRAMA is Choi Kang Hee and Lee Sang Yeob. I AM A HUGE FAN OF BOTH THESE ACTORS AND NOW I GET THEM IN ONE DRAMA!! There are other actors in this cast that I am looking forward to seeing on my screen as well. Another reason that I am HIGHLY anticipating this kdrama is the synopsis seems HILARIOUS! I look forward to laughing a lot while I watch this kdrama. I mean who doesn't love the concept of black ops agents who were at the top of their game and now are stuck in desk jobs! I anticipate lots of antics and crazy scenarios happening in this drama HAHA


April 6th - (G)IDLE

April 6th - TVXQ's Changmin

April 9th - MCND

April 14th - Cravity

April 14th - APink

April 21st - H&D

April 22nd - Miyavi

Getting a little bit of a break from the LANDSLIDE of dramas that were from March BUT STILL A GOOD LIST FOR KDRAMAS IN APRIL! What are you looking forward too? Are there dramas from other countries you are looking forward too? TELL US IN THE COMMENTS OR TELL US ON THEKTHREE TWITTER OR IN THE COMMENTS ON THEKTHREE YOUTUBE CHANNEL!

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