The new kdrama I Wanna Hear Your Song is probably my favorite drama that I am watching right now. (If you want to hear my unfiltered thoughts on the first 4 episodes, just click on the link for my SOC Kdrama Recap) I Wanna Hear Your Song is just weird, quirky and also just has those funny moments too. It can turn from a funny rom com to a murderous mystery in about 10 seconds flat. That is what makes it so intriguing! On one hand, you have the aspects of a rom com with slapstick comedy and then on the other hand, you have a dark murder mystery. You don't quite know what to make of this drama but it keeps you interested on your toes. It is a mix of cute and funny and dark and sadness. It is unpredictable which I love!

I Wanna Hear Your Song

I IMMEDIATELY thought of Red Velvet's Song Peek-A-Boo would be a perfect pairing with this kdrama! It is an upbeat dance song but when you watch the video, the music video is the complete opposite of the feeling you get from just the song. The entire music video is a sensual video where the members of Red Velvet lure delivery boys to their deaths. It gives off vibes of classic Halloween movies such as the Shining. It is a music video where the song contrasts with the video just like the kdrama I Wanna Hear Your Song. The music video are the members of Red Velvet practicing using various weapons and then murdering the various delivery boys that come to their door. I Wanna Hear Your Song contrasts between Rom Com and Mystery where Peek-A-Boo contrasts with the bright song type and the eerie visuals/storyline of the mv.

What do you think of the pairing? Is it a Match Made in Heaven? What other songs do you think would be good for I Wanna Hear Your Song? Any other dramas that would match better with Red Velvet's Peek-A-Boo? Comment below! Let us know what you think!

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