Caitlin's 5 Top Dramas of 2019

I know everyone has been waiting for this...IT IS FINALLY HERE! This post is a list of my top 5 dramas of 2019 (not just kdramas) and a few honorable mentions. I will list them and tell you a little of why I liked them so much (AND ALSO where to watch them if you want to check them out yourselves)

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My list is also in NO PARTICULAR ORDER!

1) The Untamed (Netflix)

Due to how much this caught all Chinese drama watcher's attention and became the hit drama of the summer and 2019 for Chinese dramas, this should be no surprise to anyone. I got drawn in and did not want to let go. The acting was amazing and by the end you didn't want to let go of the story or the story and immediately wanted to watch it again. The drama was beautifully done with costumes and cinematography. If you have not watched this drama and lived through the experience of watching this drama, I HIGHLY recommend it. It is WORTH IT!

2) Before We Get Married (Viki)

Of all the countries that I watch dramas from, Taiwan is the one I probably watch the least from. I started this drama, not really knowing what I was getting myself into and I AM SO GLAD I WATCHED IT! It was juicy and scandalous and nothing like what I thought it would be. It was a much more mature drama that I had ever watched from Taiwan which was refreshing. It was definitely dramatic and crazy but that is what made it so addictive to watch. Yeah, I definitely hated certain characters but it was unexpected and unpredictable which kept me interested and I ate this drama up!

3) The Tale of Nokdu (Viki/KOCOWA)

What drew me to this drama was the trope of someone gender bending for a reason and the fact that this drama turned this trope on its head and had the male lead gender bending to hide in a woman only society. You don't come across many dramas that have the male dressing up as the opposite gender. So I definitely had to check this one out because it was new for me. I got so much more from this drama than just a normal gender bending drama. The acting was PHENOMENAL and the characters was SO MUCH MORE complex than you got on the surface. The actors did an amazing job! You also know I love a drama when I fall hard FOR THE BAD GUY! The villain in this was AMAZING and EVIL and beautifully acted! There is a common theme with my favorite dramas of 2019, I had no idea how this drama was going to end and it was unpredictable and when a drama is unpredictable, I tend to love it more. If you have not seen this drama, YOU NEED TOO!

4) The Lies Within (Netflix)

Now I would not be me, if some crime dramas didn't make me into my top 5. The Lies Within is dark and gritty (be warned, this drama is a bit gory and bloody so if that isn't for you, this is not your drama) and AGAIN unpredictable. I can usually predict some of a crime drama ending or a certain aspect of it because crime kdramas tend to follow a formula. THIS DRAMA DID NOT FOLLOW A FORMULA AT ALL! This drama's ending BLEW ME AWAY because I would never have thought of it in a million years. The acting in this was phenomenal and the music is one of the favorite OSTs from 2019.

5) Green Door (Netflix)

This drama took me by complete surprise! I had no idea what I was getting into when I clicked play. I literally ended the drama with my mouth open because I was so surprised. This drama leaves you guessing with every episode and just doesn't let up for the entire thing. The acting is AMAZING by the cast. The cinematography is very unique, I don't think I have seen it in a lot of other dramas. The plot will definitely take you for a ride and won't let you go until the end. If you start this drama, get ready to watch all of it in one sitting because you will want to see the next episode.

Honorable Mentions

1) The Crowned Clown (VIKI) - The acting of the main male lead was EVERYTHING!

2) Love in Sadness (VIKI) - All the crazy makjang goodness had me glued to my seat

3) Partners For Justice 1 & 2 (VIKI) - One of the best bad guys and acting of 2019 in Season 2 of this drama

THERE YOU HAVE IT! My top dramas of 2019 and the honorable mentions of 2019. It was quite a ride for dramas in 2019 and I enjoyed EVERY SECOND OF IT!

What dramas were in your top 5 for 2019? Did we have the same ones on our list?

Have you seen TheKThree's videos on what was their favorites kdramas of 2019?






Check all of these end of the year videos out from TheKThree and look forward to seeinf what we do in 2020 and interacting with all of you!

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