OCTOBER 15, 2019


Welcome to the segment of CASTING NEWS that we collect over time and then write it all in one post so you can keep track of what your favorite actors and actresses are up too. We just try and collect as much info as possible in a few weeks and put it all in one simple and convenient post.

Our first post here is longer than usual because the casting news is from the last 3 weeks!

-Girl's Day Sojin confirmed along with Nam Goong and Park Eun Bin for "Stove League"

-Park Seo Joon confirmed for the 2020 film "Dream"

-Ong Seong Wu confirmed to be making his big screen debut in "Life is Beautiful"

-Jin Se Yeon and Jung Hye Young to join the variety show "New Item Release Convenience Store Restaurant" which Jung II Woo is already a part of.

-Joo Sang Wook, Kim Bo Ra, Ha Da Gun and Lee Tae Hwan are all due to be in upcoming 2020 romantic comedy "Touch"

-Gongchan from B1A4 is to star in upcoming webdrama "To My Name" and will make his film debut in "Wish".

-f(x) Krystal confirmed for film "Sweet and Sour" and independent film "Shouts of a Father"

-Go Soo, Shim Eun Kyung, And Lee Sung Min are all confirmed to appear in "Money Game"

-The Kpop groups HASHTAG and NOIR are going to appear on the USA show "Treadstone"

-More stars such as Lee Byung Hun, Han Ji Min, Shin Min Ah, Bae Sung Woo and Nam Joo Hyuk are confirmed for the ALREADY packed list of the upcoming 2020 drama "HERE"

-Choi Jin Hyuk confirmed to star in the 2020 OCN drama "Rugal" (and you guessed correctly REVENGE DRAMA!!)...anyone agree with JENN when she said that revenge dramas are HIS THING!?

-EXID's Hani confirmed to make big screen debut and star in upcoming film "Adults Don't Know"

-Jung Hae Jin, Chae Soo Bin, Lee Han Na, and Kim Sung Kyu all have been confirmed to be in the upcoming 2020 kdrama "Half and Half"

-Kpop Group Golden Child due to star in their own webdrama.

-Momoland's Nancy due to star in upcoming Filipino drama (some of the most interesting news I've seen in the Last couple of weeks)

-Kim Ga Eun to star in the drama special "Goodbye Secret"

-Han So Hee confirmed for the kdrama "Couple's World"

- David Lee has been casted in the upcoming kdrama "Itaewon Class"

- Park Sung Woong, Han Ji Wan, and Jo Dong Hyuk all confirmed for "Rugal"

- Oh Ah Rin confirmed to be making a cameo appearance in the upcoming kdrama "VIP"

- Jung Hae In confirmed for new travel Variety Show "Jung Hae In’s Walking Report"

THIS IS THE CASTING NEWS FOR OCTOBER SO FAR! A lot has been announced and The KThree and I are excited to see more casting news in the future!

Did we miss any? What is your favorite casting news of the month so far? SEE YOU WITH MORE CASTING NEWS NEXT WEEK!

Have you seen the Kthree's video on casting news and other news in their KDRAMA NEWS ROUNDUP!?

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