Since everyone is stuck inside and need something to look forward too...WHY NOT DO ANOTHER CASTING ROLL CALL! Some people don't keep up with casting news like me or TheKThree (we are a little obsessed)...SO HERE IS A COLLECTION OF ALL THE CASTING NEWS WE HAVE SEEN IN THE LAST FEW MONTHS!!

For people who don't know what this post is...It is a collection of casting/appearance news that we come across in Kdrama/Kvariety media and twitter (Usually sorted from most recent to earliest). We collect these stories so you know where to see your favorite actors/actresses next! This collection Is just CONFIRMED casting news as well.

-Lee Kwang Soo Confirmed to be a Guest on Variety Show "Three Meals A Day" [Soompi]

- Pyo Ye Jin, Kim Hye Yoon, Rowoon and Kim Bo Ra will all appear on Season 3 of "Busted" [Soompi]

- EXO's Suho will appear on Season 3 of Busted [Soompi]

-A new Variety show will star Yubin, Jun Hyosung and Johyun. [Soompi]

-The actor Sung Hoon has opened his own YouTube channel (not casting news I know)[Soompi]

- Yesung from Super Junior and Kim Hye Yoon cast in new film [Soompi]

- Nana and Park Sun Hoon confirmed as leads for new Rom-Com Drama [Soompi]

- Kim Dong Jung and Kim Jae Kyung have been cast in new Romance film [Soompi]

- Yeo Jin Goo, Sung Dong II and Kim Hee Won all confirmed for new Variety show [Soompi]

- Super Junior will start up another season of their popular variety show "SJ Returns" [Soompi]

- Ji Soo, Im Soo Hyang, Ha Seok Jin and Hwang Seung Eon all confirmed for upcoming drama [Soompi]

- Park Hae Jin confirmed for a new drama based off popular webtoon [Soompi]

- Kang Ji Young and Lee Hak Joo confirmed to join drama with Jung II Woo [Soompi]

- Lee Jae Wook and Go Ara confirmed for new Rom-Com drama [Soompi]

- Sojin to star in new film [Soompi]

- New Hip Hop variety show is coming and has confirmed cast [Soompi]

- Lee Hyun Woo confirmed to join film with IU and Park Seo Joon [Soompi]

- Cha Eun Woo from Astro and Kim Dong Hyun become fixed members on "Master in the House" Variety show [Soompi]

-Lee Da Hee and Kim Rae Won confirmed for new drama [Soompi]

- Highlight's Yoon Doojoon confirmed to appear on new season of variety show [Soompi]

-Kim Min Jae confirmed to star in new drama [Soompi]

-P.O from Block B. confirmed to join new drama along with Shin Ye Eun and Ong Seong Wu [Soompi]

-Kim Bum confirmed to join new fantasy drama [Soompi]

-Gong Myung will reunite with Honey Lee in new film [Soompi]

-Yoon Shi Yoon, Kyung Soo Jin and Shin So Yul Confirmed for upcoming drama [Soompi]

-Kim So Sun and Ji Hyun Woo to star in New drama [Twitter - KdramaNews]

-Kim Joo Heon confirmed for new drama that also stars Lee Jae Wook and Go Ara [Twitter - KdramaNews]

-Jo Woo Ri confirmed for new drama [Twitter - KdramaNews]

-Lee Si Eon will make a cameo in upcoming drama Dinner Mate [Twitter - KDramaNews]

- New Netflix drama is confirmed for later in 2020 that was original going to be a film...will have all the same confirmed cast [Twitter - KDramaNews]

-Kim Sang Ho confirmed for upcoming Kdrama "LUCA' [Twitter - KDramaNews]

-Choi Kyu Jin confirmed for new drama with Oh Na Ra and Kim Hye Jun [Twitter - KDramaNews]

- Chae Jong Hyeop confirmed for upcoming drama [Twitter - KDramaNews]

-Gong Yoo to star in new Netflix drama [Twitter - KDramaNews]

- Lee Sin Young cast in upcoming tvN drama [Twitter - KDramaNews]

-Ye JI Won cast in new drama with Lee Jae Wook and Go Ara [Twitter - KDramaNews]

-Yoon Chan Young cast as male lead in upcoming Netflix drama [Twitter - KDramaNews]

-Lee Tae Ri confirmed for new drama [Twitter - KDramaNews]

That is all the news that we have collected over the last couple months...I am sure we missed some so if we have, just let us know BECAUSE we definitely want to know ALL THE CASTING NEWS!

What casting are you excited for?

Make sure to check out The KThree's UPCOMING DRAMAS: MAY 2020 to see what they are excited for this month in kdramaworld!

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