It has been about a month SO IT IS TIME FOR ANOTHER ROUND OF CASTING ROLL CALL! As usual, this is a post with our collection of casting news that we have collected from Soompi, Twitter and other sources. TheKThree and I are always happy for casting news SO WE ARE EXCITED TO SHARE EVERYTHING WITH YOU!

Kim Bo Ra in talks to star in a new drama "Love Scene Number" [Soompi]

Noh Jung Ui, Lee Jin Hyuk, Bae Hyun Sung and More join the drama Dear.M [Soompi]

Seo Ji Hoon, Noh Jong Hyun, Jeon Jin Seo and More cast in the upcoming BTS universe drama "Youth" [Soompi]

CNBlue's Kang Min Hyuk confirms for Oh! Master [Soompi]

"Voice 4" confirmed to be in the works for next year [Soompi]

Song Seung Heon in talks for "Voice 4" [Soompi]

Ji Soo, Lee Ji Hoon and more confirmed for "River Where the Moon Rises" [Soompi]

Lee Min Ho confirmed for "Pachinko" [Soompi]

Block B's P.O confirmed to join "Mouse" [Soompi]

NCT's Doyoung to make drama debut [Soompi]

April's Naeun joins "Deluxe Taxi" [Soompi]

Oh Yeon Seo and Jung Woo confirm for "Crazy Person in the Area" [Soompi]

Song Kang, Park In Hwan and More confirm for "Navillera" [Soompi]

"School 2021" is coming and Kim Yo Han is still the Male lead [Soompi]

Kim Hye Soo and Kim Moo Yeol in talks for "Juvenile Judgement" [Soompi]

ASTRO'S Cha Eun Woo and Shin Dong Yup confirmed for MCs for 2020 SBS Entertainment Awards [Soompi]

Yoon Kye Sang in talks for "You Are My Spring" as the Male Lead [Soompi]

NamGoong Min in talks for "Black Sun" [Soompi]

Ong Seong Wu in talks for a new movie [Soompi]

Lee Sin Young confirmed for "Day and Night" [Twitter - Kdrama Casting]

Han Yi Young confirmed for "True Beauty" [Twitter - KDrama Casting]

Yoon Ji On confirmed to join Jirisan [Twitter - Kdrama Casting]

Hyun Woo confirmed for drama "Law School" [Twitter - Kdrama Casting]

Wang Bit Na, Lee Hae Young, Kim Pub Rae and Hwang Young Hee confirm for "River Where the Moon Rises". [Twitter - Kdrama Casting]

Kim Hee Jung confirmed for "River Where The Moon Rises." [Twitter - Kdrama Casting]

Yoon Joo Man confirmed for "River Where The Moon Rises" [Twitter - Kdrama Casting]

What are you excited for? Any casting news that we didn't catch - WE WANT TO HEAR EVERYTHING! Any excuse to talk about kdramas!

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