What information have we gathered over the last month or so? What information have you gathered? Did we miss anything? Remember TheKThree and I only post confirmed casting news, not "in talks for" or rumors so not to create confusion. We use sources such as Soompi and Twitter accounts to gather this information.

Are any of your favorites confirmed for a new drama, movie or variety show?


"Some Day or One Day" confirmed for a Korean drama remake [Soompi]

Weki Meki's Kim Doyeon confirmed for Cliffhanger [Soompi]

Lee Sang Yeob confirmed to be in No One but a Madman [Soompi]

Kim Nam Gil confirmed for Island [Soompi]

Bae In Hyuk confirmed for Seen from a Distance, Green Spring [Soompi]

Nam Ji Hyun and Chae Jong Hyeop confirmed for Come to the Witch's Restaurant [Soompi]

Kim Min Jae confirmed for Dal Ri and Gamjatang [Soompi]

Pyo Ye Jin to Replace APRIL's Naeun in Taxi Driver [Soompi]

Cast is confirmed for Now We Are Breaking Up [Soompi]

Um Tae Goo, Yoo Jae Myung, Han Ye Ri confirmed for OCN drama [Soompi]

Imitation confirmed to air before Dear.M [Soompi]

Rain confirmed to air in fantasy drama [Soompi]

Choi Woo Shik and Kim Da Mi confirmed for Rom-Com [Soompi]

Cast confirmed for The Immortal [Soompi]

Song Kang and Han So Hee confirmed for Romance Drama [Soompi]

Park Eu Bin and Rowoon confirmed for Historical drama [Soompi]

VICTON's Byungchan confirmed for Park Eu Bin and Rowoon's Historical drama [Soompi]

Kim Hwan Hee, Yoo Sun and Lee Soon Jae confirmed for film [Soompi]

Song Seung Heon confirmed for Voice 4 [Soompi] (JENN WILL LOVE THIS!! 👀)

Seo In Guk confirmed for cameo in Naverilla [Soompi]

Joo Won confirmed for Action drama [Soompi]

B.A.P's Youngjae confirmed for Police Academy [Soompi]

Cast confirmed for Love Hashtag [Soompi]

Seo Hyun and Lee Jun Young confirmed for film [Soompi]

Cast confirmed for the Korean version on Money Heist [Soompi]

Shin Min Ah and Kim Seon Ho confirmed for Rom-Com [Soompi]

Kim Ho Jung confirmed for A Person Similar to You [Twitter: Kdrama Casting]

Kim Hyo Jin confirmed for No Longer Human [Twitter: Kdrama Casting]

SF9 Dawon confirmed for Destruction [Twitter: Kdrama Casting]

Kim Ga Eun confirmed for Out of Your Mind [Twitter: Kdrama Casting]

Jung Soon Won confirmed for The Silent Sea [Twitter: Kdrama Casting]

So Ji Sub confirmed for Netflix drama Model Family [Twitter: Kdrama Casting]

Shin Hyun Soo confirmed for Bossam Stealing Fate [Twitter: Kdrama Casting]

Song Joo Hee confirmed for Destruction [Twitter: Kdrama Casting]

Cast Confirmed for The Black Sun [Twitter: Kdrama Casting]

Ahn Gil Kang confirmed for Real Estate Exorcism [Twitter: Kdrama Casting]

Lee Chun Hee confirmed for Law School [Twitter: Kdrama Casting]

Cast Confirmed for High Class [Twitter: Kdrama Casting]

Jang Eui Soo confirmed for Oh My Ladylord [Twitter: Kdrama Casting]

Kim Min Seok confirmed for Law School [Twitter: Kdrama Casting]

Chun Hee Joo confirmed for Out of Your Mind [Twitter: Kdrama Casting]

Lee Seo Joon confirmed for Out of Your Mind [Twitter: Kdrama Casting]

Jeon Ye Bin confirmed for Glitch [Twitter: Kdrama Casting]

Yoon Da Young confirmed for Come to the Witch's Restaurant [Twitter: Kdrama Casting]

Lee Young Ae confirmed as lead in A Wonderful Sight [Twitter: Kdrama Casting]

Ji Jin Hee, Yoon Se Ah and Kim Hye Jin confirmed for The Road: Tragedy of One [Twitter: Kdrama Casting]

What are you excited for? Any casting news that we didn't catch - WE WANT TO HEAR EVERYTHING! Any excuse to talk about kdramas!

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