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Who remembers "Coffee Prince"!? For many of us (including myself) this kdrama was either our introduction to Kdramaland OR one of the first Kdramas that we ever watched. I think Coffee Prince was within the first 5 Korean dramas I ever saw when I starting watching Asian dramas back in 2008. [SAME!!!! ~ jw]

To celebrate the 13th anniversary of the successful drama, MBC has released a reunion documentary featuring some of the dramas stars.

Dear My Youth: Coffee Prince is a fitting title because it brings together the cast and crew who reminisce about the drama and the making of it. The documentary helping with this by showing behind the scene photos, behind the scenes footage and having the cast watch the drama again.

For those of you who have not seen Coffee Prince, Here is a quick synopsis: Gong Yoo plays the grandson of a chairwoman who owns a thriving coffee business. He has never had a job or much responsibility. Yoon Eun Hye plays a tomboy who is always mistaken for a guy is the breadwinner for her family. Gong Yoo's character refuses to be a part of his family's business so his grandmother forces him to take over a dying coffee restaurant that she owns and he needs to turn it around and make it successful. He reluctantly takes on the task to prove that he can do it. He brands the restaurant as "Coffee Prince" and only hires men to serve the coffee, Yoon Eun Hye's character pretends to be a guy to be hired and to earn money for her family. AND FROM THEN ON, HIJINKS ENSUE - especially when Gong Yoo's and Yoon Eun Hye's characters start to develop feelings for one another.

Dear My Youth: Coffee Prince was so fun to watch! As someone who has fond memories of this drama, I found this documentary to be very touching. Watching the documentary REALLY made me want to watch the drama again - which I have not watched in AT LEAST 5 years. I have definitely rewatched Coffee Prince AT LEAST twice since I watched it for the first time.


1) THE INTERVIEWS - Obviously this is a highlight of the documentary. The cast and crew gave us insight into certain scenes or even stories of how everyone was hired for the drama. We got first impressions of everyone from them as well. It was a lot of fun just hearing the stories and thoughts about shooting the drama. It was also nice to see the cast interact with each other during the interviews because they got to do it together. I forgot how good some of these actors and actresses are during interviews! Some of the interactions and things that were said had me laughing out loud.

2) BEHIND THE SCENE PHOTOS/FOOTAGE - I loved that the documentary took the cast back to the filming sites. The cast and crew got to remember what it was like filming and being in that space. The documentary also showed footage from when the drama was shooting which was fun because it drew the audience and fans of the drama in, making them feel like they were a part of the phenomenon that was Coffee Prince. It was something special to watch.

3) THE STORIES - Due to the cast and crew coming together, you know there are a lot of stories being told. Some of these stories had not been told before and it made this documentary very touching and heartwarming. The cast gave commentary on each other which was fun to watch, the cast hearing some opinions and memories for the first time from each other. The interactions between the cast was very fun to watch because you can tell they still talk to one another and are comfortable with each other. Some of the stories told WERE HILARIOUS! I literally was laughing because some of them.

4) THE NOSTALGIA- IT IS ALL ABOUT THE NOSTALGIA! I mean isn't that the reason you are watching this documentary? As fans of this drama, to have a chance to go back and experience Coffee Prince again - we jump at the chance! This documentary lays on the nostalgia IN TROVES! We got photos, footage and of course interviews both from when the drama was being made and at the present. We as an audience take a trip down memory lane because we have seen the drama BUT also take a trip down memory lane with the cast as they remember the drama and talk about it.


I love documentaries like this because It allowed me to remember those initial feelings I had while watching the drama. It gave context to a beloved kdrama and insight into the processes of creating this production. Even context into the thoughts and feelings behind the cast and crew involved in the project. I always love getting this sort of behind the scenes look at any production that I love or watch. It really was like I was 18 again, watching Coffee Prince all over again. I also loved how this documentary showed how this drama has affected the actors'/crews' lives and it shows how the actors have grown from when they appeared in this drama.

Have you seen Coffee Prince? Are you going to watch the documentary?


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