Much like the series FRIDAY NIGHT MOVE NIGHT (by the way have you checked out our latest MOVIE NIGHT post), I want to start a series that reviews web dramas. These little dramas are another nice way to introduce someone to the world of kdramas. Webdramas are short and sweet and some have SURPRISINGLY more depth and character to them than what it looks like on the surface. Mini reviews for Webdramas.

Webdramas are a great intro to korean dramas and some people are missing out if they do watch korean dramas and don't check out the webdramas. This drama is so short that you can watch it all in one day if you choose too. You can find this webdrama on Youtube.

For our inaugural post, I have chosen to review the webdrama DATING CLASS.

On the surface, you think this drama is just about 6 people who are in a college class together but IT IS SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT! Yes, this drama is essentially about 6 people who take a college class, a dating class, together and how they live their lives in the semester that they are all in this class. This class shapes their semester because they are paired up each week and have to accomplish projects. Through these projects, they get to know each other and the drama talks about social issues and life.

This will not be a review where I painstakingly tell you every character's storyline and what happens to them because then what would be the point for you to go and watch it? The point is for you to be intrigued by my review and then to go watch the drama yourself and see if you agree or disagree with me. We want to hear what you think, to start conversations!

What I loved about this webdrama:

1) Each character is more complex than they seem. They have reasons on why they act or react to something a certain way. The drama uses the structure of the class to slowly reveal these reasons throughout the drama in a VERY smart way.

2) It is called Dating Class but the drama eventually examines more than just romantic relationships. The drama examines friendships, romantic relationships and even familial relationships overall. I love how this unfolds, the further you get into the drama.

3) The drama comes full circle. The drama starts at the end of the semester and then backtracks to the beginning of the semester. It ends again where it began. As I said earlier, the structure of this drama is interesting. Every week the characters are paired together to do projects. Every episode opens with one of the pairs asking each other questions and then the episode starts with the perspective of that episode being from one of the 2 people asking questions at the beginning of the episode. The episodes are framed with this question and then the answer comes at the end of the episode. It is a unique framing and storyline structure that I think suits the drama very well.

4) This drama has so much depth to it. It attacks social norms and social issues, some issues that I was not expecting and is rather progressive for a drama. How these characters deal with these issues, overcome and live life is what is great about this drama. Since it is a dating class, a lot of the norms and issues have to dow ith dating in the modern world but not all. You will be surprised with some characters and the decisions that they make, I was FOR SURE!

5) THE MUSIC IS FANTASTIC! I literally listen to this OST ALL THE TIME!

I gave Dating Class an 8/10. I was surprised with how much depth and character driven storylines this drama had. My favorite part was the social issues that were discussed in this drama, in a very tasteful way I might add. I am hoping for a second season.

Have you seen Dating Class? What do you think? Did you like it? WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!

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