How a lot of people make the jump into kpop is watching dramas first, looking for the OSTs (original soundtrack) to that drama, finding an artist they like and listening to what that artist has to offer outside of OSTs.

Just like my MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN series, I want to create a list of just some of my favorite OSTs from dramas that started in the previous month and/or OSTs that were released in the previous month.

Now before I write the list, there is 3 things that I will say first.

One. This list is in no particular order, it is just some of the OSTs that I have been listening too while I watch the dramas.

Two. This list is not just Korean dramas. Since I watch all dramas, it might have a song from a Chinese, Japanese or Taiwanese drama on it but maybe not every month.

Three. I am only including OSTs on this list for dramas that I have seen or am currently watching because I don't listen to OSTs for dramas that I have not watched yet (if a song isn't on here, doesn't mean I don't like or maybe I have not found it on streaming sites to listen to it yet)

(None of these videos below are mine...they are either fanmade by people, made by the networks that make these dramas or even provided by the artists themselves. They do not belong to me)


1) Horizon by HaJin (WATCHER OST - kdrama)

This is just a beautiful song and really embodies what this drama is about. The lyrics speak about hope and to keep going even if it gets hard. THAT IS EXACTLY what this drama is dealing with. The OST is haunting and moving.

2) WOW by Mamamoo (SearchWWW OST - kdrama)

As I said in my STRONG FEMALES article, we have loved Search WWW for the female leads and the strength they show in the drama. Of course one of my favorite OSTs from this drama is from a group of 4 powerful female singers with beautiful voices.

3) My Hope by Cha Yeol (Designated Survivor OST - kdrama)

Given the subject matter of this drama, I think this OST's title is fitting. The main character has to be hope for the nation when everything is thrown into chaos. The lyrics also can speak for the main character himself, who is he looking for as hope in the drama or as a support system.

4) Dr. K - MINUE (Partners for Justice 2 OST - kdrama)

One of the things I love more about crime kdramas is that their OSTs can be so unique. Partners for Justice 2 is no exception. MINUE (known also as No Min Woo) acts in this drama as well. He has always been a rocker in his music style so I was very excited to hear that he was doing some OSTs for this drama.

5) Poison - I'll x MINUE (Partners for Justice 2 OST - kdrama)

I'll teams up with MINUE for this Partners for Justice OST as well. It has a rocker vibe again but for some reason this sounds more sad which when played within the drama, really fits with the scenes that it played in the background. FACT TIME: I'll and MINUE are actually brothers.

6) Nameless - Chen Xue Ran (Go Go Squid - cdrama)

As Go Go Squid goes on, the music for it gets happier and more upbeat but this is the first song you hear in the drama. I think this song is perfect for the beginning of the drama because it has that sense of loneliness that the male lead hides in the beginning of the drama because he hasn't accepted his past and hopes for a better future.

7) Give In - Tseng Yu - Jia (Before We Get Married - tdrama)

Before We Get Married is a drama about people who are not happy in their relationships which eventually leads them to look at other people and potentially cheat on the partners that they are with. This song is just beautiful and just fits perfectly with the drama. The lyrics speak to what is going on in the drama and even to what the characters are thinking.

8) I'm Still Missing You - Bii (Before We Get Married - tdrama)

You can just hear the desperation in Bii's voice. The song when played within the drama fits perfectly. The characters are desperately trying not to be swayed away from their current relationships but at the same time can't fight the attraction they have for each other. It is just a powerful song when played within this drama and I can't stop listening to it.

9) Present, To You - ABRY (Dating Class - Kdrama)

This is a light-hearted web drama so why not have a electronic sounding OST. I like that it isn't just a ballad but has more interest by having a unique instrumental.

10) Search - Elaine (Search WWW - kdrama)

Ever since this OST was released, I have been listening to it nonstop. I am just addicted to it. I have a thing for electronica so this OST speaks to me. The lyrics speak for the themes of this drama as well. Strong women who are independent and don't need people in their life who don't support them. I LOVE IT!

Here is a spotify playlist of the songs that I talked about in this article. I will keep adding OSTs to it as I write this series...SO CHECK OUT THE SONGS FOR YOURSELF!


What OSTs did you like from this month's list? Do you agree with my list? What OSTs have you loved this month? What OSTs have you discovered from the dramas you are watching this month?

COMMENT BELOW! We want to hear from you.

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