How did you like July's collection of songs? Did you find any you liked? Did you listen to the playlist at all? If you haven't checked out July's can check it out right here!

I just want to reiterate my 3 points before we start the list again.

One. This list is in no particular order - just some of the OSTs that I've been listening to while I watch the dramas.

Two. This list is not just Korean dramas. Since I watch all dramas, it might have a song from a Chinese, Japanese or Taiwanese drama on it but maybe not every month.

Three. I am only including OSTs on this list for dramas that I have seen or am currently watching because I don't listen to OSTs for dramas that I have not watched yet (if a song isn't on here, doesn't mean I don't like or maybe I have not found it on streaming sites to listen to it yet) (GRANTED THERE IS ONE EXCEPTION THIS MONTH!)

REMINDER: (None of these videos below are mine...they are either fanmade by people, made by the networks that make these dramas or even provided by the artists themselves. They do not belong to me)

1) Black Diamond by Lim Jung Hae (Graceful Family OST prt.1 - kdrama)

Graceful Family is a new kdrama that I started this month and I ALREADY LOVE THE MUSIC! This song's lyrics hit this drama right on the mark. It is talking about running away and finding paradise. The Female lead in the drama has to stay in her situation and family to find out what happened to her mother 15 years from when the drama takes place but I think she secretly wants to run away and just live her life, to be happy.

2) Liar by DAEON (Graceful Family OST prt.2 - kdrama)

The female lead in Graceful Family is a strong woman who is stubborn and doesn't back down from a fight. This song is the voice of the female lead. The lyrics especially are confrontational and just picking a fight. I love the groovy instrumental which gives the song a sultry feeling. The guitar in the background gives this song grit.

3) Stay With Me by Kim Nam Joo (APINK) feat. PULLIK (I Wanna Hear Your Song OST - kdrama)

"I Wanna Hear Your Song" is my CRACKTASTIC drama (also Karen's) that I am watching right now. I can't get enough of it! I like this song because it reminds me of the over-arching premise of the drama. This drama essentially about a female lead who has experiences a past trauma and needs to have a conversation with the male lead every night to help her go to sleep. This song reminds me of a conversation, going back and forth between the rapper and the singer all while telling each other not to leave and to stay around.

4) Love Deluna by Punch feat. Taeyong (Hotel Del Luna OST prt. 13)

Hotel Del Luna has taken the drama world (AND THE KTHREE) by storm! The drama is being watched by everyone and the soundtrack is being listened to everywhere. It was very hard to choose my favorite songs from this drama's songs because there is a lot of good ones. I liked this song because I think the rapping in it supports the unique voice of the singer. The rapping is more like singing rapping which is rare and suits the song very well.

5) Return The World to You (Chinese drama) - title song played during title sequence by Jane Zhang

Every time this song begins to play, I immediately think it was the perfect pic for a drama about the fashion world. I can just picture it being played during a fashion show or a photoshoot. I love the electronic instrumental on the song but I also find it unique. It has a rather fast paced instrumental but somehow the singing doesn't crescendo and is a more jazzy/soothing voice. I like this contrast a lot.

6) WuJi instrumental by Lin Hai (The Untamed - cdrama)

This song is a beautiful duet with an instrumental that showcases traditional instruments. I only added the instrumental to the playlist because the duet has not been released but the video is the duet. SO ENJOY! I think this duet is a good example of the drama's epicness and majesty. Just a beautiful song! Fun fact: The two male leads of the drama sing the duet.

7) Remember Me by Gummy (Hotel Del Luna OST prt. 7 - kdrama)

I picked this song for Hotel Del Luna because I love Gummy's voice. Her vibrato seems to emphasize the desperation of the song. I think the song speaks to the themes of the drama on how loved one is missed once they are gone whether it is through death or just a breakup. It is just a beautiful ballad.

8) Blurry by Elli K (WATCHER OST Prt.3 - kdrama)

One of the reasons why I love crime dramas so much is I think crime dramas have very unique OSTs. I think a crime drama provides an artist and/or writer more room to be creative. Whether that is through the voice or the instrumental. I love this song because of the singer's voice. Her voice is very breathy, almost like she is whispering. THAT IS JUST SO UNIQUE!

9) Tanka (Ending Song) by Liu Mei (Longest Day in Chang'an - cdrama)

DRUMS!!! DRUMS!! DRUMS!!! This drama's entire soundtrack is about the drums! They reverberate through your body as you listen to the entire thing. I love this song because it takes on twist on the drums. The electronic instrumental replaces the drums in this particular song and I love the play with the voice half way through the song.

10) Pain or Death by Samuel Seo (Doctor John - kdrama)

This is the one EXCEPTION for rule #3. I am not currently watching Doctor John but I LOVE THIS SINGER! So I have been listening to this song a lot! I love that this song is vocally driven and the instrumental is there just supporting the already beautiful voice. It is sort of haunting.

Below is the updated Spotify TheKThree Playlist! [IT IS SLOWLY GETTING LONGER!!]


What OSTs from August did you like? Were they on our list? Do you agree with our list? What additions would you make? Are there any favorite OSTs from the dramas that you are watching?

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