When The Devil Calls Your Name

Oh I see an EPIC Bromance brewing in When The Devil Calls Your Name!! We are all excited to see Jung Kyung Ho and Park Sung Woong paired up again in a kdrama. When these two amazing actors are paired up in a kdrama, it screams EPIC BROMANCE and we know we won't be disappointed. What did the KThree think of this bromance that is just starting to unfold in When The Devil Calls Your Name? Did they think it will live up to some of the favorite bromances of past dramas?

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The fantastic thing about kdramas is that we not only watch kdramas for the romance between the female and male lead but we also enjoy the beauty of the relationship between the male lead and the other males in the drama. We lovingly call these bromances. Sometimes, these bromances are even remembered and loved more than the main romance in the drama!

Jung Kyung Ho and Park Sung Woong - Life on Mars

Can't have this article without mentioning the kdrama that introduced us to Jung Kyung Ho and Park Sung Woong and their potential as a perfect match to have a spectacular bromance in a kdrama. This bromance in Life on Mars starts off like any other. They hate each other's guts but due to events that occur in the drama is grows to mutual respect and then a full blown bromance.

Song Joong Ki and Jin Goo - Descendants of the Sun

This bromance needs no introduction. It brings comedy, friendship and all the warm feelings to the kdrama Descendants of the Sun. Fans of the drama fell in love with this relationship and the antics that happened between these two throughout the drama.

Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook - Goblin

Bromance lists are not complete without the Goblin and Grim Reaper bromance of Goblin. It forever will go down in history as one of the most iconic bromances in kdramaland. Some fans even enjoyed this relationship more over any of the romantic relationships in the drama. That is when you know this bromance is unique and one of a kind.

Choi Jin Hyuk and Yoon Hyun Min - Tunnel

What do you get when two opposites are partnered up and forced to work together? The perfect situation to have a great bromance in a kdrama. That is what Tunnel gave us with these two police officers. By the end of the drama, you have a bromance that develops from respect and some touching scenes in the end of the drama between these two characters.

Lee Jong Suk and Jung Hae In - While You Were Sleeping

There is just SO MUCH Bromance in this drama. This drama is unique in the way that Lee Jong Suk and Jung Hae In's characters don't hate each other in the beginning of the drama or at all throughout the drama. It is refreshing and fun to watch this bromance throughout the kdrama.

So will When The Devil Calls Your Name produce a bromance that will be remembered by kdrama fans? What do you think? Have you watched the first 2 episodes of the drama? Comment below, what are some of your favorite bromances in kdramas?

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