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Keeping up with the SCARY theme of this week for TheKThree Blog - WE ARE DOING A SCARY MOVIE REVIEW JUST IN TIME FOR HALLOWEEN!

Who has seen #Alive? Well we did so you don't have too (or give you a preview so you can decide if you want to watch it or not HAHA) It is on Netflix and can be watched here.

*As per usual, I will not be revealing an MAJOR plot points in this movie so you can decide if you want to watch this movie for yourself or not.

Here is a short synopsis before the review: A man wakes up to find out that a mysterious virus outbreak has happened, spreading throughout Seoul rapidly. Survivors are now stuck in their apartments and have to deal with what is outside their door but also isolation within their apartments.

Doing the review structure, a little bit different- I will go ahead and talk about some pros and then some cons of this movie, giving my final verdict and rating at the end of this review.


Relatable ESPECIALLY with the times we are in - I would be lying if this movie impacted me differently because of COVID and quarantine. A lot of the movie is about survivors being alone in their apartments and dealing with problems alone. Some dealing with isolation and stress better than others. Given where our society is at the moment and what we are dealing with, you watch this movie with a different lens than what you might before COVID. I like this lens though for a Zombie movie because you don't see isolation as a common element in the Zombie genre.

The Element of Technology - Another aspect of this movie which is a breath of fresh air is how technology affects the movie. Unlike a lot of the Zombie genre where networks are knocked out and phones don't work, throwing the characters into a post-apocalyptic world, #Alive doesn't do that. Everything for the most part is intact which allows the characters to deal with their problems with an extra element you don't see often. It was fun watching how these characters thought of solutions to issues they faced when they had some technology at their disposal. Technology was THE KEY to their survival (*no spoilers)

Tropes but turned upside down - I spoke above about some Zombie movie tropes and how this movie attacked those tropes and made them new. A lot of times in the zombie genre, you have a group of survivors, living together and attacking issues together - NOT IN THIS MOVIE. Usually you have survivors having to go back to the stone age and deal with issues with knives and their wits - NOT IN THIS MOVIE! Even the Zombies were a little different in what their characteristics and traits were within this movie. This movie still fits within the Zombie genre but presents some new topics and lens to the genre that we have not seen much.


Don't watch if you are having trouble with quarantine and isolation - Just as I said above where the trope of survivors dealing with this zombie outbreak in groups and how this movie does the opposite - where survivors have to deal with it alone - DON'T WATCH THIS MOVIE IF YOU ARE HAVING TROUBLE WITH QUARANTINE! This movie was enjoyable for me because I found it relatable and sometimes comical (there is some comedic parts within the movie) because of COVID and how relatable it is. NOT EVERYONE WILL HAVE THIS SAME VIEW! If you had or are having difficulty with not being able to see people or go out as much, DON'T WATCH THIS MOVIE!

Character Development - I did think the character development within the movie was lacking. Now I am comparing to this to god tier Train to Busan which is my favorite Zombie movie but I think it could have been better. I get that we are sort of thrown into the scenario of a zombie outbreak right away so there might not have been room for A LOT of character development. I still think it could have been done a little differently and we could have gotten better character development.


THIS IS A SOLID ZOMBIE MOVIE WITHIN THE ZOMBIE GENRE! It is enjoyable and entertaining to watch. It has some scary and high anxiety parts that is perfect for this Halloween season. If you are a fan of Zombie movies, YOU DEFINITELY NEED TO CHECK THIS ONE OUT! The acting is great, especially put in the scenarios that these characters are thrust into. ADDED BONUS - THERE IS A HAPPY ENDING SO YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO LOOK FORWARD TOO!

#ALIVE: 8 out of 10

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