TheKThree and I have been writing and commenting about Parasite ever since we all went and saw it in theaters so it should be NO surprise that now I am doing a "FRIDAY NIGHT MOVIE NIGHT REVIEW" for the movie.


*I will not be revealing any MAJOR plot points in this movie because YOU NEED TO SEE THIS MOVIE FOR YOURSELF!

To give a very short synopsis of the movie without giving any important plot points away: This movie is about two families from vastly different ends of the economic spectrum and how the two families end up becoming entwined together, ultimately affecting each of their lives in various and unexpected ways.

Parasite has already won at Cannes Film Festival and is expected to win more awards. It is one of the best films I have ever seen and DEFINITELY the best film I have seen this year. From the synopsis, you think this movie will be VERY straight forward BUT there is just so much to unwrap. It just goes to show the masterpiece it is and JUST how much is being said through this one movie.

There are a few things I noticed in this film that I will be talking about - The title, what this film is talking about AND one point in the cinematography that I thought was interesting.


What do you think of when you read the title Parasite? I think of something that is sucking the life out of something, living off of something else. When you look at the title and read the synopsis, you immediately think "oh so the poor family is the parasite for the rich family". That isn't wrong but what is SO AMAZING about this movie is it goes SO MUCH deeper than that.

This movie makes you think Who is the true parasite? Is it truly JUST the poor family or is the rich family a parasite in a way? Is a certain character a parasite on another individual character? Even within the plot itself, the title Parasite comes into play as the plot unfolds and as more characters are revealed through the movie. The plot in a way becomes a parasite within itself, destroying itself from the inside out.


This film is a social commentary on the economic divide that affects modern societies today. It is the classic story of the Haves and Have nots. This parallel or idea is not new but Parasite presents it in a way that is refreshing. This movie is fitting for the times that we are living in today. These two families as entities to discuss a bigger issue. Are we all parasites in a way, no matter how much money we have? Is society a parasite as a whole? These are all signs of an AMAZING movie. A movie that makes you think and come up with these questions. A good movie that makes you think about it for days or that strikes up conversation for days after.

This film resonates with so many people from so many backgrounds and countries because this topic can relate to everyone from EVERYWHERE! I think that is why Parasite has been seen throughout the world and has been talked about so much. YOU WILL BE THINKING ABOUT THIS MOVIE FOR DAYS AFTER YOU SEE IT!


I could write for days on the cinematography of this movie. Every shot is thought out and speaks back to the metaphor of this entire movie. Everything has a meaning and speaks towards the social commentary of this movie.

One aspect that stood out for me (especially when it comes to the themes that this movie wants to talk about) - is the use of windows in this movie. Brilliant! One of the first scenes you have in the movie is the poor family looking from their house (which is half underground *ahem social commentary...partly underground...considered less than human*) out the window at a scene outside.

The opposite can be said about the rich family's house. It is FULL of windows and above ground which could mean that the family is putting on a facade and making it seem like they are transparent (the perfect family). As if trying to say that the house and the rich family doesn't have any secrets or problems. Or as if the rich family is on display for everyone else to look at.

A lot of the scenes are shot through windows. The scene could be a poor family member looking out onto a scene with a rich family member or someone looking into the rich family's house from the outside.

All of these scenes have social commentary behind them. Social classes looking into the other through a window, looking at the unattainable. The "unseen" divide between the two social classes. This movie's use of windows also isn't straight forward all the time because you question sometimes on who IS the "poor" person looking into what they could have had. Truthfully, even the audience is looking through a window into the lives of the these 2 families as well.

Parasite's use of stairs also speaks to the economic divide discussed within this movie. Several scenes with stairs and how they are shot speak towards this topic and issue.

All the shots of stairs speaks towards the social classes. Either a rich family member is descending from their status to join the classes below them or ascending back to their status. The poor family seems to be "crawling" from their "below the ground" status. One scene when the poor family returns home in the rain, you just see the family running down MANY stairs and it just keeps going as if the poor family is going underground and back to where they belong. The rich family's home being this unattainable place that the poor family has to climb to every day.

I am just scratching the surface on how cinematography plays into the social commentary of this movie. There is a lot to dissect and read into this movie. That is how brilliant this movie is.

Overall, YOU NEED TO SEE THIS MOVIE! This movie has everything from comedy, interesting storyline, thrills and social commentary. The acting is amazing. The plot has so much to uncover and dissect. This movie will leave you thinking about it and its themes for days after. It is not as straight forward as it seems and is very thought provoking. I can not stress ENOUGH that you need to see this movie. I will warn you, there is some violence in the movie which leads to blood and some graphic scenes.


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