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WOW WE HAVE NOT ONE OF THESE IN AWHILE! I am sorry for that BUT WE ARE HERE NOW! I am trying to put more posts on the blog that suggest dramas and movies for people to check out for themselves because we are in the situation that we are in at the moment.


This review is for the recently released Korean movie 'Time to Hunt' which has been released on Netflix and can be watched here.

*As per usual, I will not be revealing an MAJOR plot points in this movie because YOU NEED TO GO WATCH THIS MOVIE FOR YOURSELF!

Now to give a short synopsis of this movie without giving anything away: A group of down on their luck friends, in a post economic apocalypse world, decide to pull off one last heist and this results in getting the attention and becoming the target of a scary killer.

There were three major things I noticed while I was watching this film and then at the end I will give you my final thoughts and verdict. The three things I noticed were lighting, the use of music and the story in general.


The lighting in this movie is something that I noticed right off the bat, especially during the night scenes. I think the lighting helped with the suspense of this movie BUT also helped portray the post-apocalyptic world that this movie was set in. A lot of the movie had scenes where the scene was lit by one primary color which I thought was so fascinating.

The director creates that feeling of utter helplessness that you might feel in a post apocalyptic world or when you are being 'hunted' down and running for your life. I mean the use of red and green easily could be a nod towards night vision goggles worn during hunting! I think this use of lighting heightened the suspense and was very experimental for the film.


Now everyone knows that music can add a lot to a movie. It can add to the romance of a scene. It can add a dramatic effect to a scene. For 'Time to Hunt', the music definitely adds to the suspense of the film or the lack of music too. The director was very clever in how the music was used in this film. There were times in a highly suspenseful or stressful time that I realized that there was no music playing and all I could hear were the actors breathing on screen. Other times, the music was on full blast, lending to the suspense and action of the movie. The lack of music for a scene just made the scene more stressful or made the audience pay attention to what was going to happen next. I thought the music in this film was very creatively used and sort of told a story itself.


Now I do have to say, the beginning of this movie is a slow burn but it is needed. The director needs to set up the story and introduce you to all the characters. When the story does start up, THIS MOVIE IS RELENTLESS!! It is stressful and tension filled until the very end. When the 'Time to Hunt' starts, that is when you are on the edge of your seat, wondering what will happen next. Even when there is no action going on, there is still a low air of tension and stress just throughout the entirety of the movie. This lends to the name of the movie 'Time to Hunt' because I think a major contributor to this tension and stress is the 'hunter' in this movie. The hunter goes by the name Han and HE IS ONE SCARY DUDE! He is one driven killer who will stop at nothing to kill his prey! He likes to toy with them and just pops up like a ghost where the main characters are which is TERRIFYING! When it comes down to it, This movie is a cat and mouse game...A STRESSFUL ONE AT THAT!


This is definitely not just a heist movie...FAR FROM IT! It is a stressful, tension filled 2 hour cat and mouse film. If you like action and suspense, THIS MOVIE IS FOR YOU! Plenty of action FOR SURE! The acting does not disappoint either with some amazing actors being a part of this cast. You will definitely be on the edge of your seat, waiting to see what happens to the main characters next or how they will get out of certain suspenseful scenes. This movie DEFINITELY has a lot of twists and turns!

TIME TO HUNT - 9 out of 10 (I am giving it a 9 BECAUSE I was so stressed watching this movie haha)

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