GOODBYE 2020 - HELLO 2021

MAN WHAT A YEAR! I think we can speak for everyone by saying THANK GOD 2020 IS COMING TO AN END! It was definitely a year that we could never predict and one that we are happy to see it coming to a close.

All of us at The KThree would like to share a message with you:

MARISA - Kdramas nourish The plot, the actors, our chat My sanctuary

JENN - 2020 what a year huh? We made it though! And I can honestly say it was our Team here at The KThree and You that kept me sane through it all - THANK YOU. I hope we were able to provide some escape for you as well. As we put this challenging year behind us I am so excited to see were we can go with our Kdrama community here and on YouTube. Cannot wait to see everyone in the KDrama Clubhouse in 2021!!

CAITLIN - I would like to give a BIG THANK-YOU TO ALL OF YOU GUYS! You have made this year memorable and worth it! We love that Kdramaland didn't stop and gave us some AMAZING dramas this year. We love that we got to talk about the kdramas with all of you. Without you, our viewers and readers, we would not be who we are today. We wouldn't be hosting the Live Chats every week. We wouldn't have all the interesting conversations on Twitter and IG about kdramas. I wouldn't be writing every week and giving you blog posts every week. We appreciate all of you guys and hope to keep interacting with all of you in 2021.

MARCO - 2020 was a year of change for everyone, whether we liked it or not. Change is the moon's gravitational pull bringing life's ebb and flow, and we can fight it or embrace it. I found myself on the precipice of change from 2019 to 2020, struggling internally with shedding friends of the toxic tendency to building better boundaries akin to the DMZ (Captain Ri, please save me!), not knowing COVID-19 was just around the corner and would undoubtedly force it down our throats. Luckily for me, I had The KThree as a baseline. As a foundation. As my constant. 2020 might have kept us home most of the year, but I was able to escape to worlds unknown through Kdramas. Even though I was a part of The KThree from the beginning, my real gateway kdrama was Crash Landing On You. I never really felt the need to watch any of the Kdramas that my fellow comrades talked about each week. CLOY was the ember to my kindling that started building in 2019 with Kingdom and Parasite, to ignite my passion of all things K. At the end of 2020, my fire for Kdramas is burning bigger than ever, engulfing my family, too, and I can't wait to keep feeding it. Although we had to change how we filmed our show; we lost one of our founding K's (Karen, we miss you!); and we tweaked our format so often, to my initial chagrin, discovering that Kdrama whiplash is a real thing, I believe it made our channel stronger and more unique. Every iteration of our Weekly Watchlist brought us closer to our Kdrama Clubhouse, bringing similar and new faces alike to our channel, and creating a diverse and inclusive community that I am extremely happy and proud to be apart. I look forward to what 2021 brings, come what may, because I know I won't be alone. The Kthree - Your Kdrama BFFs - KDrama Keopi Klatch - Kdrama Clubhouse - my people

CHEERS TO 2021! Cheers to a better year! Cheers to more Kdramas! Cheers to more blog posts and live chats. Cheers to more Youtube content! Cheers to more social media interactions with all of you! Cheers to adding more friends to come hand with us in the Kdrama Clubhouse! Cheers to ALL OF YOU - OUR VIEWERS AND READERS!

We have so much planned for 2021 SO STAY WITH US IN THE NEW YEAR! We can't wait to show you our ideas and to grow more with all of you!


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