Updated: Dec 20, 2020

For this week...It is going to be an obvious and easy recommendation. I was so excited to see this NOW available to watch on Hulu...SO I NEEDED TO RECOMMEND IT AND TELL YOU GUYS TO WATCH!!

The Korean movie [and even though it feels like YEARS ago - the current Academy Award Best Director & Picture - jw] Parasite is a MUST SEE!! If you have not seen this fantastic movie...NOW YOU CAN ON HULU!!

I can't stress enough on how much I enjoyed this movie and how everyone should take this opportunity to watch it. It is nothing like you have ever seen and IT MAKES YOU THINK! In my opinion, that is the sign of a GREAT movie or show. When you have watched a movie or show and it ends and you find yourself thinking about it days later.

Here is the review I wrote about it when I saw the movie in theaters last year.

[and here is The KThree review! - jw]

If you watch this movie, Let us know what you thought either in the comments or on our social media accounts? If you have already watched it...LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT IT! We want to know!

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