Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Because I can't say GOODBYE just yet and want to spread the love...THIS WEEK'S RECOMMENDATION THAT EVERYONE NEEDS TO WATCH IS....MYSTIC POP UP BAR!

This drama just has everything that I would ever need in a drama! It is like a comfortable hug that you need on a bad day or a drama you can cuddle up with on a rainy day.

This kdrama just finished airing and all 12 episodes are available to watch on NETFLIX.

Short Synopsis: The fantasy drama about a mysterious woman who runs an outside bar. A part timer starts working with her and they along with another bar tender of the establishment help customer to overcome/resolve their problems by entering their dreams.

This drama is so much more than that BUT I don't want to give anything more away because YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS DRAMA FOR YOURSELF.

This drama has magic, mystery, good versus evil, FOUND FAMILY (my favorite), heartwarming/heartbreaking stories and comedy. It will make you feel every emotion, even within 1 episode.

It has been mine and TheKThree's happy place drama over the past few weeks WHICH is why we wanted to introduce you to this BEAUTIFUL drama as well. If you haven't seen this drama, you are really missing out on A GEM in the kdramaworld.

If you watch this series or have already experienced this magical drama, LET US KNOW! We want to gush with you guys! Comment on our social medias or here on the post!

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