Updated: Dec 20, 2020

TO STICK WITH THE 5URPRISE THEME FOR THE WEEK...MY RECOMMENDATION IS FROM THOSE ACTORS! You get a 2 for 1 recommendation this week! I decided to concentrate on the actor GONG MYUNG and NETFLIX just added a couple of his dramas SO WHY NOT!

The first Gong Myung drama that I am recommending is THE BRIDE OF HAEBAK!

This is a fantasy kdrama with magic and gods! Gong Myung was one of my favorite characters in this drama. I think it shows off his acting chops A LOT and it was A LOT OF FUN to watch him in it!

The second Gong Myung drama that I am recommending is REVOLUTIONARY LOVE!

Now I personally have not seen this drama BUT I heard the Gong Myung was great in this drama and showed lots of potential as an actor (which I have to agree with). So WHY NOT check it out!?

Have you either of these dramas? LET US KNOW! We want to hear your thoughts on Gong Myung in these dramas! Comment on our social medias or here on the post!

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