JUNE 2020 - What is Caitlin Excited For?

I feel like I am saying this EVERY MONTH...But I can't believe June is Here! This year is going by both REALLY FAST and also SO SLOWLY at the same time! At least we have kdramas to keep us company and to entertain us. We have said this before, kdramaland NEVER SLOWS DOWN!

Look for what TheKThree is excited for in the month of June on their YoutubeChannel this week!

So what is Caitlin excited for in the Month of June?

What kdramas am I looking forward to? (FANTASY is the theme for June FOR SURE!)

1) Sweet Home just sounds like such a unique story. It definitely sounds like it could scary which I will have to deal with. I don't do well with horror shows BUT I am willing to try this one out because I am just so curious about it. I also like many of the cast members so that is a plus too. Who doesn't love a good monster movie/drama? [booooo it got bumped off june - jw]

Sweet Home

2) Its Okay to Not Be Okay is an upcoming fantasy kdrama THAT I AM SUPER EXCITED FOR! Not only is this drama Kim Soo Hyun's return to kdramaland from the military but the fantasy twist intrigues me A LOT! I am so curious how fantasy will play into this plot. It will also discuss mental health which is always an important topic to talk about in different forms of media whether it is music, writing or dramas. So I am VERY curious about how this drama will be.

Its Okay to Not Be Okay

3) Last but CERTAINLY not least, The School Nurse Files is a kdrama slated for June. There is no premiere date for this so I am not 100% it will actually premiere in June BUT if it does, I am definitely watching it. Who doesn't love a good exorcism drama? (especially in the summer months, where I can watch it in full sunlight so I am not scared...haha). I am curious about the plot of this one and how the nurse character will seem in this drama...ESPECIALLY WITH HER BEING AN EXORCIST! [yasssssss! - jw]

The School Nurse Files


June 1st - TWICE

June 2nd - VICTON

June 9th - ELAST

June 9th - WJSN

June 10th - Jun.K

June 15th - IZONE

June Comeback - N.Flying

June Comeback - Blackpink

June Comeback - WOODZ

What are you looking forward too in June? Are there dramas from other countries that you are excited for?


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