We're trying something new over here on ye ole blog this week!

We see so much news and whatnot scrolling through our Twitter & IG accounts that sometimes it's hard to keep track so we decided to collect our favorite ones and put them all in one blog post!


THIS CAST IS AMAZING!! Wow! Really excited by this whole thing - we've missed Park ByungEun (our 'Favorite CEO') in a sweet role! And Jang Nara as a single woman who wants to have a baby via sperm donor after not dating for 10 years?! Is this the romcom sequel to VIP LOL? [Soompi]

KIM SOO HYUN IS BACK!! HELL YES!! Super intrigued by this synopsis…who do we want them to cast as the Storybook writer? [Soompi]

We NEED THIS ONE. Jenn has a serious Lee JiHoon problem (OFFICER MIN!) & we think pretty much everyone has a Song SeungHeon problem. Plus Seo JiHye from Crash Landing On You?! Come On Kdrama Gods!! [Soompi]


FINALLY!!! Kingdom Season 2 - March 13, 2020 NETFLIX - Mark your calendars!!

We're thinking of doing a Kindgom Season 1 Rewatch + AfterChat to get us ready...who's in?? [Soompi]

Dear KDrama Gods, Please have someone sub this

Thank you, The KThree

[Korean Updates]

Kim Ji Young Born 1982 is going to be screening in the Philippines! SO JEALOUS. Philippines let us know when you see it! Still waiting for this one to hit the States.


CONGRATULATIONS to one of our favorite KDrama Puppies Sung Joon sent a letter to his fan cafe explaining his military assignment transfer to the reserves is because he got married and also became a father prior to enlistment. This is not shocking because he is married & a father - it's shocking because it all happened a year ago! Hoping the more K-Ent publicly dates and has relationships the less they have to hide. [Soompi]

Don't miss our latest videos on YouTube! This week's Weekly Watchlist - what we're liking, loving or dropping or the Park Seo Joon Astro Corner - check out how we think his chemistry will be on Itaewon Class with Kim Da Mi 🥰

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