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We know that people are always looking for ways to interact with their favorite Kdrama actors and actresses & one of the ways to do that is THROUGH AN INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT!

SO OF COURSE...WHO DO I NEED TO START OUT WITH!!? Is anyone surprised that I start with Kim Kwon...ANYBODY? Kim Kwon's drama Leverage starts Sunday, October 13th, and here he is with his costar Kim Sae Ron (who also has her own instagram). They both look fantastic and it makes me think Leverage is going to be a VERY FUN WATCH!

You might be living under a rock if you haven't heard about Extraordinary You and are not crushing on the beautiful leads in this drama. Lee Jae Wook playing the school bad boy is a good look for him. What is great following your favorite actors on Instagram is that you get great behind the scene pictures from the dramas they are acting in. MAKEUP TOUCH-UP!!

The nameless character (not now OF COURSE) in Extraordinary You is Rowoon from the kpop group SF9 and he recently opened his own Instagram account. WELCOME TO INSTAGRAM ROWOON!! We are looking forward to many pictures with your costars from Extraordinary You. Here is he is giving us Fall vibes with a long jacket and fall colors.

A kdrama that The KThree and I are BOTH looking forward to is VIP (you can watch what the KThree is also looking forward to on their Can't Wait to Watch: OCTOBER) so we HAD to include the two lead actors on this inaugural Instagram collection post. This photo is not the latest picture on Jang Nara's instagram BUT i couldn't resist because she and her costar Lee Sang Yoon look adorable in this picture and just makes me need this drama to start even faster NOW!

Of course since I included my favorite actor, I have to include Jenn's favorite actor in this inaugural Instagram collection. Lee Sang Yoon [Thank You! ~ jw] will be in the upcoming kdrama VIP of course and here is a picture with his co star Jang Nara behind the scenes from their photo spread with Allure. These two look like they are having lots of fun together and the rest of the cast of VIP. The KThree and I look forward to seeing more pictures of the cast through both of these Instagram accounts!

So there you go! 5 recent Instagram updates for you guys to look over and get some behind the scenes look into some of your currently airing or upcoming dramas. What Instagram accounts do you want to see next? (might include a kpop related one as a BONUS here and there) Any of you looking forward to VIP or watching Leverage? Extraordinary You?

Let us know below!

Have you checked out TheKThree's instagram account?!

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