WE ARE BACK! I know, it has been awhile...THE HOLIDAYS ARE BUSY! Since we are back, This week's post will just be a check-in with previous actors/actresses we have had on this post AND new ones. Just a check-in to the lives of kdrama (and other drama) actors/actresses as a whole and see what they have been up to over the last month or so.

FIRST UP, Kim Se Jung from I Wanna Hear Your Song! She is currently promoting her single "Tunnel" and has lots of pictures of backstage at various shows. Some people you might recognize from other kdramas that premiered this year such as the 4th picture in this post taken with APRIL's Lee Na Eun and one of the talented stars of Extraordinary You (Another kdrama that recently ended). I love seeing cross kdrama/kpop interactions over social media!

This weekend a HIGHLY anticipated Taiwanese drama premiered and one of its stars Jasper Liu (who I love) was all over his Instagram, promoting Triad Princess. I can't wait to click play and watch this drama. I am hoping Jasper Liu's Variety show comes to USA Netflix so I can watch it as well!

The new kdrama Woman of 9.9 Billion premiered this past week AND IT IS A CRAZY AND WILD RIDE! Cho Yeo Jung, who we saw in the AMAZING movie Parasite and of course is featured in our SNS post all about Parasite, stars in this kdrama. OF COURSE, she is promoting the drama and has come wonderful behind the scene shots of the cast. This first picture is with her costar Kim Kang Woo.

This kdrama has not started yet but SOME of its stars are already sort of promoting it on their Instagram. Crash Landing into You is HIGHLY anticipated and FINALLY is premiering this month. Its female lead Son Ye Jin posted some BEAUTIFUL shots of Switzerland which we know the cast of this kdrama went there to film so She has been promoting this drama ever since they filmed in Switzerland. [Don't forget to join The KThree, DramaMilk & DramaCurrent on our YouTube Channel for our LIVE WATCH PARTY of the premiere Saturday December 14 @ 12noon PST!! - jw]

LAST BUT NOT LEAST...Need to post some more behind the scene photos of Catch The Ghost from its star Kim Sun Ho's Instagram BECAUSE THEY ARE JUST HILARIOUS! [LOVE HIM! - jw]

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