This past weekend we had to say goodbye to a kdrama that will be a favorite of ALOT of drama watchers from here on out. Thank you to everyone who joined TheKThree for their live afterchats for this drama and joined in all the gushing of this drama every week. It was such a treat interacting with viewers and talking about a drama that was so loved. I also loved trying to predict what would happen next and how everything would end - who still hoped for the malls in North and South Korea to come together and everyone have a job so they could all see each other? Just us? SO WHY NOT KEEP WITH THIS THEME AND HAVE AN SNS WEEKLY ROUNDUP OF THE CAST SAYING GOODBYE TO THE DRAMA AS WELL!!?

FIRST UP! Seo Ji Hye

Here is a post from her Instagram where she is wearing one of her dresses from the drama, saying thank you for a coffee truck that was sent to set. Her beautiful smile is EVERYTHING! She is not in character of course because her character did not smile a lot in the drama. I just loved her character and story in Crash Landing on You.

NEXT UP...Some of child actors who were in Crash Landing on You and their pictures from the Crash Landing on You Wrap Up Party.

Oh Han Kyul who played the son of "The Rat" in the drama shared some pictures with many of the cast members, including his fictional father at the party.

Kim Tae Yeon who played the younger version of Son Ye Jin's character also shared pictures with many of the drama's stars including Son Ye Jin OF COURSE!

Crash Landing on You introduced us (and me) to some amazing supporting characters such as the four soldiers that we affectionately called the ducklings. These actors will have amazing careers and I can't wait to see what they do next! Many of them already have lead roles in their next dramas. One of my favorite "ducklings" is Lee Shin Young and he shared a post on Instagram for the ducklings!

Son Ye Jin posted a picture back during Christmas with Hyun Bin but I just love the photo and it will be a good memory to say goodbye to this drama.

Now we are all sad that Hyun Bin does not have an SNS (to our knowledge) BUT the cast members have helped by taking photos with him so here are some of our favorite pictures with Hyun Bin in them

Hyun Bin with Kim Tae Yeon

Son Ye Jin has posted a lot of mini videos and pictures with Hyun Bin on her profile. Here is another series of pictures of them together that we love.

Here is tvN showing love for Hyun Bin by posting finale shots of the lead couple, giving extra shots of our favorite leads in the beautiful setting of Switzerland. These networks do an amazing work promoting their dramas and FANS LOVE THEM FOR IT! Aren't they just cute together!?

LAST BUT NOT LEAST!! Kim Jung Hyun shared a picture saying goodbye to Crash Landing on You. He looks happy and healthy and I am so glad that he chose to do this drama. It showed his acting chops and I loved his character so much in it. I hope to see him A LOT in dramas in the future.

Did you watch Crash Landing on You? Did you like how the drama wrapped everything up and ended? Did the drama introduce you to new favorite actors/actresses?

Have you checked out TheKThree's Instagram lately? Check in to see what they have been up too!

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