New Year, New Dramas and LOTS OF UPDATES! This week's post will introduce some new dramas and new actors to our SNS series because WHO DOESN'T WANT NEW PEOPLE AND PICTURES TO LOOK AT!

Go Soo is currently staring in the new drama Money Game. This is actually the first time I am watching him in anything so I am excited to see how this drama plays out. TheKthree and I are both loving this drama so far. He has taken to his Instagram to promote this new kdrama. I like how the pictures he chooses to promote the kdrama portrays the aesthetic and feelings of the drama itself.

Another recently started kdrama is The Game: Towards Zero. It is a crime drama with a hint of supernatural. NOW WHO DOESN'T LOVE THAT! I am liking it a lot so far. One of its stars is Ok Taecyeon. Now I love Ok Taecyeon because he is a member of 2PM and I am a HUGE fan of them but this is the first time I am actually seeing him as an actor. I KNOW, I KNOW...that statement is JUST ridiculous right!? He is recently returned from the military so I am happy to see he is back and interested to see how this new drama unfolds. I like it A LOT so far. This is a picture of him with all of his fellow 2PM members!

A recently ended drama is Psychopath Diary. Now I didn't watch this drama when it aired but I hear that all the actors were very good in it. Park Sung Hoon was one of the actors in the crew and his Instagram is FANTASTIC! It has a good mix of promo stuff, personal pictures and behind the scene moments. It also shows his sense of humor (he has a parody of Parasite on his account HAHA) This actor was also the actor who played the VERY scary character that Jenn loved in Justice.

Lee Byung Hun's Instagram is a recent find for me. His upcoming 2020 kdrama "Here" is one that I am VERY MUCH looking forward too. 2018's kdrama Mr. Sunshine had a lot of buzz and was an VERY GOOD DRAMA! Lee Byung Hun's acting was one of the many reasons this drama was entertaining and well received. His newly premiered movie "The Man Standing Next" is also getting a lot of buzz and I personally want to see this movie as well.

LAST but not least...We visit Kwak Dong Yeon's Instagram. I (as well as many other people) are loving him in the currently airing weekend drama Never Twice. His Instagram is wonderful for behind the scene pictures from this kdrama. I love how candid some of the pictures are and if you are watching the drama, you know from what scene the behind the scene picture is from. You can tell they are having a great time on set. Here is a series of pictures with his co star Park Se Wan.

Who would you like to see next for our post next week?

Have you checked out what TheKThree have been up too on their Instagram?

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