JULY IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER WHICH MEANS NEW DRAMAS AND NEW SNS UPDATES! Here is a collection of SNS updates for the new kdramas premiering in July AND THERE IS A LOT!

A kdrama that I know is on A LOT OF PEOPLE'S RADAR is The Good Detective. [I know it is on my MUST WATCH LIST! With a title like that, I am sure NONE OF YOU ARE SURPRISED! HA!] One of its stars Son Hyun Joo has been posting promotional content and Behind the scenes pics so it will be fun to watch his SNS throughout this production.

July seems to be the month of CRIME DRAMAS! So naturally, I am watching all of them. A crime drama that is a short one is She Knows Everything. I am looking forward to this one because it looks like a different kind of production. Its star Jo Han Sun plays a cop in the drama and has been promoting the drama on his SNS.

Taking a break from all the crime kdramas in July, the romantic comedy To All Guys Who Loved Me is set to premiere. One of the male leads is Yoon Hyun Min and naturally has been promoting the drama on his SNS. Here is a Behind the scenes photo from the photoshoot that they were doing for his character poster for the drama.

But wait there's more crime dramas! Graceful Friends is an upcoming crime drama for July. The drama posters just SCREAM secrets and drama AND I CAN'T WAIT! One of its stars Song Yoon Ah posted some of these juicy drama posters on her SNS. [hoping this one goes FULL makjang 😜 - jw]

Train is a crime drama that has some sci fi involved SO IT SOUNDS LIKE A TON OF FUN! One of its stars Yoon Shi Yoon has been posted about the drama on his SNS a lot, especially with the drama's premiere coming up soon.

Last BUT SURELY NOT LEAST, Lee Joon Gi's new drama Flower of Evil is premiering in June AND THIS LOOKS LIKE ANOTHER SIT ON THE EDGE OF YOUR SEAT DRAMA! The posters look so good and even tell a story within them. Lee Joon Gi has posted all the posters on his SNS.

What kdramas are you looking forward too in July?

What actors/actresses/kdramas do you want to see in the next SNS post?

TheKThree and I hope you all stay safe and healthy!

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