March is coming to a close BUT that doesn't mean that there are no kdramas premiering! There is something like 9 kdramas starting up between now and the end of march. SO WE HAVE A LOT OF CONTENT FOR OUR SNS WEEKLY ROUNDUPS!

FIRST UP! From a drama that premiered in the past week. Here is a pic from the beautiful Moon Ga Young who is currently the female lead in the kdrama Find Me in Your Memory. In this photo, this is on set photo from one of her outfits for a scene in the drama.

One of the MANY kdramas that is premiering this coming week is A Piece of Your Mind. The male lead in this kdrama is Jung Hae In and HE IS ONE OF MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE ACTORS! So of course, I need to feature him on this post haha. This drama hasn't started yet as I have said, so here is a post where he is promoting the drama with his character posters...WHICH LOOK BEAUTIFUL!

Another kdrama that is HIGHLY anticipated that starts this week is 365: Repeat The Year. One of the reasons why it is HIGHLY anticipated is because it is the drama that is the actress Nam Ji Hyun's comeback to dramaland after going to college. This drama also seems to have a very unique concept and story that is not seen much in dramaland so I am excited for the drama. Here is a pic of Nam Ji Hyun, as her character for this drama.

LOTS OF HIGHLY ANTICIPATED KDRAMAS THIS COMING WEEK! One that everyone is talking about is Rugal and it seems like a high action thriller SO I AM IN! Also when the drama stars Choi Jin Hyuk, that alone will get a lot of viewers haha. He has promoting the drama a lot of his instagram and here is a cool pic of his character in Rugal.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST...The weekend drama Once Again is set to premiere at the end of the month. One of its stars Lee Sang Yeob (another one of my favs) has been very active on his isntagram, sharing pics from the set of the kdrama. Here is one that was posted recently....looks like they were shooting a night scene.

What kdramas are you tuning into this week?

Do you want to see any actor/actress featured on next week's post?

Have you checked out TheKThree's Instagram account yet?

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