It is March and A TON OF KDRAMAS WILL BE PREMIERING THIS MONTH! That is okay because it gives us LOTS of content for our SNS posts. So this week's collection of SNS posts will just be about dramas that are set to premiere this month.

FIRST UP IS KIM SEO YOUNG! She is set to star in the kdrama "Nobody Knows" which premieres tomorrow. I am SUPER excited to see her in another drama because she is just a strong actress. I love when she is in a dark drama because I think she excels in these type of dramas. She posted to her Instagram a WONDERFUL picture of herself as her character in this kdrama and to promote it. LIKE HOW DO YOU LOOK THIS COOL WALKING DOWN THE STREET?!

Next kdrama that we are going to talk about Memorist. It is a crime drama SO NATURALLY I am THERE! I am also a fan of Yoo Seung Ho and he hasn't had a drama in a year so it is nice to see him in a drama again. Here he is on his Instagram, promoting this kdrama, sort of making fun of his character poster (trying to look as cool as him of course haha!) Thanking for the coffee truck that was sent to the set as well..SO ON SET PICTURES COMING SOON!!

You can't talk about March and NOT mention the upcoming kdrama Hospital Playlist. TheKthree said in their Can't Wait to Watch video for March that this was a kdrama that they were looking forward too AND WHO CAN BLAME THEM! There were many members of the cast to post pictures of from this drama. I went with Jung Kyung Ho (because he is a KThree fav [LOVE HIM!! - jw] and a lot of other kdrama watchers favs, myself included).

Many Behind the Scene photos ALREADY taken!

Jenn from TheKthree mentioned that she was most looking forward to Kingdom Season 2 and WHO doesn't like that we are getting a double dose of Joo Ji Hoon [Double dose of Ju JiHoon? SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW! - jw] this month with Hyena also airing during March. Zombies in March SOUNDS GOOD TO ME! Here is Joo Ji Hoon promoting Kingdom 2 on his Instagram...IS IT MARCH 13TH YET!?

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST...The WHOLE reason I am watching Rugal...FOR MY GIRL JUNG HYE IN! She is going to be SO BADASS in this drama and I can't wait. If you follow her on Instagram, you know what I am talking about. Just look at what she does for exercise! Anyway, here is a post she put on her Instagram, of her BADASS character in Rugal. CAN'T WAIT TO WATCH THIS KDRAMA!


Money Game ended last week and I WILL MISS SEEING YOO TEO ON MY SCREEN EVERY WEEK...So to ease the pain of this tragedy, Here is a recent post from his Instagram.

So are you tuning into any of these kdramas mentioned?

Who or what do you want to see in next week's SNS Weekly RoundUp?

Have you checked out TheKThree's Instagram yet?

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