This week I decided to do the SNS post a little different....THIS WEEK, we are going to be checking in with some of our favorite OST (original soundtrack) singers. Now some of these OST singers have acted as well and are quite famous themselves BUT I thought it would be fun to introduce you to some AWESOME singers and to have you discover them if you have not found them yet! Knowing the drama watchers that read this blog, I am sure you all know who these people are because you listen to them for their own talented works as well.

Sunmi is an AMAZING singer and one of my favorites soloists. She recently did an OST for the kdrama XX (which TheKthree and I loved). I love the concepts and image she conveys through her own music. She is just so talented! Here is just a selfie that she uploaded on her SNS.

The next 2 singers I am sure everyone knows because they are both famous, being in the kpop group EXO, and also being wonderful soloists/actors etc. themselves. The first is Chanyeol! He sang for the popular Goblin OST and also did an OST for this years Dr. Romantic 2. I love him as a rapper but he has such a beautiful singing voice as well! HE currently is promoting a new single that is coming out this month so here is a picture teasing that song.

Baekhyun is another member of EXO. He has an angelic singing voice which fits well into OSTs. He has contributed to this year's kdramas Hyena and Dr. Romantic 2 so far. Baekhyun and Chanyeol both have also acted in their careers as well. Baekhyun played a prince in the VERY famous kdrama Moon Lovers. Baekhyun has an album being released this month as well which we are all excited to hear and has featured on a recent song by BOL4 which he is promoting here on his SNS

LUNA is a vocalist that is talented and has released one of my favorite OSTs from 2020 so far. She lent her voice to the kdrama FOREST and I at least have to listen to that song once a day. Luna likes to experiment with her solo work which I love because I never know what she is going to release next. Her voice fits a lot of music types and always sounds beautiful. Here is a recent photo she posted of herself on her SNS.

LAST BUT SURELY NOT LEAST....The duo Davichi is so talented and I know whenever they do an OST track for a drama, IT WILL BE AMAZING! Their voices just blend so well together! They have done songs for the 2020 kdramas Crash Landing on You and The King Eternal Monarch. In a recent SNS post, They promote their latest OST release.

What OSTs from 2020 are you liking so far?

What OST singers do you listen too? Any favorites from certain dramas?

TheKThree and I hope you stay safe and healthy!

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