The villain of The King Eternal Monarch has surfaced on Instagram. We can't get enough of Lee Jung Jin as the villain in this kdrama AND NOW WE CAN FOLLOW HIM ON INSTAGRAM!

Lee Joon Gi's agency posted a new photo of him...Who is looking forward to his new drama in July? WE ARE!!!

tvN promoting their currently airing When My Love Blooms with pictures of Park Jin Young. It is always nice to get new pictures of him haha...JUST LOOK AT HIS FACIAL EXPRESSIONS lol

KBS is also promoting their currently airing drama Born Again with new pictures of their cast...I am REALLY enjoying this drama so these pictures make me curious of what is coming up in future episodes. Whatever it is, it doesn't look good haha [this show is Bonkers LOL - jw]

This last Instagram is one that both TheKThree and I love so I figured I would post it here. I just always admire the account EVERY WEEK! Who doesn't love the fashion of kdramas and want to know what their favorite drama characters are wearing?

This is a post from the kdramas The World of The Married which just ended. WHO DOESN'T LOVE ALL THE COAT FASHION IN KDRAMAS!! I know I do! [COATS!!! ♥️♥️♥️ - jw]

What dramas will you be watching this coming week?

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What actors/dramas do you want to see featured in next week's post?

TheKThree and I hope you stay safe and healthy!

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