For this week's Weekly Roundup, IT IS ALL ABOUT CATCH THE GHOST!

I AM LOVING EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS DRAMA! Because I love it so much, I went exploring on Instagram to see if any of the cast has Instagram! I wanted to find some fun interactions that the cast is having behind the scenes on their SNS and to give this drama some love. LET'S SEE WHAT WE FOUND!

FIRST UP! One of its stars....Kim Sun Ho [LOVE LOVE LOVE HIM - jw] His Instagram is FULL of behind the scene moments from this drama so it was hard to choose but I went with this post. Honestly, his entire account is full of cute interactions and behind the scene pics and videos from all his dramas.

The comedic actor Lee Joon Hyuk, who is also in one of TheKThree's and mine other favorite dramas' The Lies Within, posted a HILARIOUS clip from this drama. I just HAD to share this one because IT IS THE BEST! I WAS LAUGHING SO HARD DURING THIS SCENE! [LOL YESSSSSS! - jw]

The Actress Song Sang Eun posted this picture of herself in FULL UNIFORM for this drama Catch The Ghost. She plays the witty nurse in the show and I LOVE that she is celebrating her character in the drama!

The Actor Ki Do Hoon promoted the drama by posting a photo of himself in full police uniform. Looking quite handsome if I do say so myself.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST...We can't forget this drama's other star Moon Geun Young! She is a MAJOR reason why I am loving this drama. I love her character and the dynamic she has with the rest of the cast. Here is a sweet photo she posted with her cast mates and a food truck sent to set.

AND THERE YOU HAVE IT! ALL THE LOVE FOR CATCH THE GHOST! Are you watching this drama? Are you loving it? What character or actor is your fav? WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!

Are you looking for an actor/drama in particular? Let us know in the comments below!


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