Although the rest of the world is at a stand-still and stuck AT HOME (please stay home!)...Kdramaland gets rolling on AND NEW KDRAMAS START IN THE NEXT 2 WEEKS! Some kdramas end this coming week as well. SO HERE IS SOME POSTS FOR THE NEW KDRAMAS AND THE ONES WE ARE SAYING GOODBYE TOO!

The kdrama Nobody Knows is ending this coming week and we will be sad to see it go. TheKThree and I have both been enjoying the actors and the relationships in this drama.

Here is the serious but heartwarming cop played by Kim Seo Hyung...BEING THE GODDESS THAT SHE IS!

Here is a post by Yoon Chan Young of the AMAZING young actors in this kdrama. TheKThree and I are LIVING FOR THESE 3 BOYS IN THIS KDRAMA! We will miss them when this kdrama ends.

Another kdrama that ends by the end of April is 365: Repeat The Year. THIS KDRAMA HAS BEEN KEEPING US AT THE EDGE OF OUR SEATS SINCE THE VERY FIRST EPISODE! Have no idea how it will end. The lead actress Nam Ji Hyun has been blessing us with a lot of behind the scene shots on her Instagram AND WE ARE SO GRATEFUL!

The kdrama Born Again started this week and TheKThree and I are both excited to see Jang Ki Yong and Lee Soo Hyuk on our screens again. We are very interested to see how this kdrama plays out. Jang Ki Yong has already been promoting the drama on his Instagram...

Lee Soo Hyuk posted a behind the scenes photo with the Female Lead Jin Se Yeon and Jang Ki Yong on his Instagram. Excited to get more behind the scenes content as this kdrama starts and continues in the following weeks.

LAST BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST...The new Netflix Korean Drama Extracurricular starts by the end of April. Some of its young stars have been posting on their Instagram about the drama...Just makes me more excited to see this one when it comes out during the last days of April. Here is Kim Dong Hee promoting the drama on his Instagram with the newly released trailer.

His co-star Nam Yoon Soo has been promoting the drama with The AWESOME posters for this drama...SO UNIQUE!

What dramas will you be watching this coming week?

What actors/dramas do you want to see featured in next week's post

TheKthree and I hope that you stay safe and healthy!

Have you checked out TheKThree's Instagram and Twitter yet?

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