Lovestruck in the City is a HIGHLY anticipated kdrama that premieres this week. OF COURSE, this kdrama is going to be our featured kdrama for the SNS weekly roundup. I know Jenn from TheKThree wants to see pictures of Kim Min Seok on set or promoting the drama 😉. IF, YOU OUR READERS, WANT TO CHECK OUT SOME PICTURES FROM THIS DRAMA TOO - you have come to the right place!

Ji Chang Wook has been promoting this drama a lot on his SNS. Everything from posters to trailers to script reading photos. You name it, He posted it! I think he will provide us with a lot of nice photos from on set with the cast once the drama starts to air. Here is a photo from when the entire cast gathered to do the first script reading for the drama. [bespectacled Ji Chang Wook...yes please ~ jw]

Kim Ji Won is the main female lead for this drama. We can't wait to see her again in a drama. She is just so good as an actress and we love this concept of couples finding love in the big city. She has promoted this drama a lot just like her costar on her SNS. Here is a photo of her on set. [love her so much! ~ jw]

So Ju Yeon is having a HUGE YEAR! 4 dramas and 1 movie is FANTASTIC! For a lot of us, we met her at the beginning of the year in Doctor Romantic, Teacher Kim 2. We can't wait to see her in this drama as well as starring in A Love So Beautiful that starts next week. Here she is with her costar Ha Joon (One of my favorite discoveries of 2020) from her 2020 movie Festival. [awwww here's to Ha Joon getting happy ending! love this pairing! ~ jw]

Kim Min Seok is BACK and this drama is his return to Kdramaland. We can't WAIT to see him on our screens again (Jenn especially 😂) [#FACT ~ jw] He has been quite active on his SNS with pictures. He recently posted his character poster from the drama AND HE LOOKS SO GOOD!

Han Ji Eun is also in Lovestruck in the City. We are all curious what her character is going to be like in this drama. The promo trailers for the couple that she is a part of seems interesting and we can't wait to see the relationship play out on our screens. Here are some on set pictures she posted on her SNS.

Last, but certainly not least, we have Ryu Kyung Soo. You guys might recognize him from his roles in Itaewon Class earlier this year or last year's Confession. He rounds out the third couple in this drama with Han Ji Eun. We hope all 3 couples are different in this drama because variety makes it more fun for us! [yes!! no triangles of doom hopefully ~ jw]

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