We are entering the last week of 2020 and 2021 is JUST AROUND THE CORNER! You would think that there would be no Kdramas premiering in the coming week because it is the end of the year. WELL, YOU ARE WRONG!

We have 3 Kdramas premiering this week and A Love So Beautiful is one of them!

Check out some pictures from the cast's SNS posts!

One of the leads Kim Yo Han posted a short dance video with the rest of the cast on his SNS. THEY LOOK LIKE THEY ARE HAVING SO MUCH FUN TOGETHER!

As we mentioned last week in our SNS post, So Ju Yeon is having a busy December. She is currently starring in Lovestruck in the City and now is a lead in A Love So Beautiful that starts this week. WE ARE SO HAPPY FOR HER! She posted a magazine spread that she took with her A Love So Beautiful costars Kim Yo Han and Yeo Hoe Hyun WHICH IS GORGEOUS!

Yeo Hoe Hyun is another lead in A Love So Beautiful. Now we have not seen the Cdrama version of this drama so we have no context for the story and the characters. Honestly, we sort of like that though. He hasn't posted anything for the drama yet but I'm sure that will change once the drama starts. Here is a fun food picture he posted recently - WHO DOESN'T LOVE FOOD!?

Yang Yoo Jin is also part of the cast. She is an up and coming actress so it is great to see her with a new drama. She posted some photos from the script reading session on her SNS.

Park Ji Won also has a role in A Love So Beautiful. You might remember her from Find Me in Your Memory earlier this year. She currently has a web drama airing right now so she has been promoting that on her SNS recently. I am sure once A Love So Beautiful starts, she will be posting pictures from this drama as well. Here is a poster from her currently airing webdrama Growing Season that she posted.

LAST, but not least, Kakaotv also has been promoting their drama on their SNS. Here are more photos from the photo shoot that the leads did to promote the drama. Kakaotv posted it on their account as well.

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