THERE ARE STILL MORE NEW KDRAMAS IN FEBRUARY! It is never ending but HONESTLY, isn't that how we like it? 😉 Since there are 3 Kdramas premiering this week, we collected SNS posts from all 3 Kdramas SO ENJOY!

First up is the Kdrama Not Yet Thirty! Some of the cast members have started promoting the drama and other cast members have posted pictures with other cast members. Kang Min Hyuk, one of the leads, posted his couple's poster on his SNS.

Ahn Hee Yeon (Hani) posted a picture of her and her costars Jung In Sun and Chan Min Ji from the drama together. I am so curious what all their characters will be like in this drama.

Cha Min Ji also post another fun picture with her female costars from Not Yet Thirty.

Dear.M is the next Kdrama that we collected some SNS posts for. One of the male leads Jeong Jae Hyun (Jaehyun) recently opened an IG account so he doesn't have many photos and hasn't promoted Dear.M yet BUT I am sure that will change once the drama premieres. Here is a recent photo with a beautiful sunset and him that he posted on his birthday a few days ago. [FYI: drama has been postponed due to bullying scandal. we'll keep you updated when it returns to the schedule! ~ jw]

Kwon Eun Bin will also be in Dear.M. She has this cute photo of her that she posted promoting Dear.M. This kdrama has some great talent in it FOR SURE!

LAST, but not least, the last Kdrama that premieres this week is You Make Me Dance. Both actors have SNS and I am sure we are going to get some fun photos and content from both of the actors when this drama premieres. Here is a post that Chu Young Woo posted recently.

Here is a fun that his costar Won Hyung Hoon posted on his SNS. I am looking forward to see these actors in this drama and more pictures as well.

The Kdrama also has an SNS for itself as well which I am sure we are going to get a lot of Behind the scene and drama pictures on!

Are you planning to watch any of these dramas?

Which drama are you excited for?

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