Sadly, 2 of our favorite airing Kdramas are ending this week. Two stars from those dramas also starred in a Kdrama together. SO LET'S CELEBRATE AND SAY GOODBYE TO THESE 2 FANTASTIC DRAMAS - and maybe walk down memory lane. 😉

FIRST UP is Royal Secret Agent. We are saying goodbye to this drama this week AND I AM SO SAD!! 😢 I have loved watching this drama every week and I can't believe it is already over!

If you don't know, Kim Myung Soo (L) stars in this drama as the Royal Secret Agent. He has posted many pictures from the production and on set. Sadly, we have to say goodbye to this amazing actor for a little bit because he is going into the military once this drama wraps up.

I am loving the trio that is in Royal Secret Agent. It is made up of Kim Myung Soo, Kwon Na Ra and Lee Yi Kyung. There is a lot of comedy involved with these 3. I mean case in point - JUST LOOK AT THE PHOTO THAT LEE YI KYUNG POSTED! 😂

The cast and crew just seem to be having loads of fun on set together. I think this comes out in the drama too because this entire cast just has great chemistry and the drama is LOADS OF FUN! Ahhh im going to cry, I DON'T WANT TO SAY GOODBYE! Here is another funny photo that Kwon Na Ra posted. 😢

The other Kdrama that we have to say goodbye too and has brought us LOTS OF JOY AND LAUGHTER EVERY WEEK is OF COURSE Mr. Queen. Good thing is that we are getting a tv special with 2 extra episodes so we don't have to say goodbye RIGHT AWAY - but still, we are sad. 😢 [check out our AstroCorner on the MAGIC Chemistry of MrQueen!! ~ jw]

This cast has given us lots of joy every week so it will be difficult to not have new episodes every week. Just like Royal Secret Agent, you can just tell that the cast and crew are having lots of fun on set. Just look at this photo that Kim Jung Hyun posted! 😂

We always love how dedicated actors and actresses are to their role and to their dramas. I think it flows into the production and shows in the drama itself. When everyone is so dedicated to their drama, it gives us some great behind the scenes moments as well. Just like this one captured by Nah Jong Chan on the set of Mr. Queen.

Last BUT CERTAINLY not least, we don't want to say goodbye to the brilliant actress Shin Hye Sun. She has been a delight to watch in this drama! Just her performance was a true HIGHLIGHT of this drama! So funny and you can tell she had a lot of fun with the role! It shows in her SNS as well.

DID YOU KNOW THAT SHIN HYE SUN AND KIM MYUNG SOO STARRED IN A KDRAMA TOGETHER!? It was called Angel's Last Mission: Love back in 2019. They were both GREAT in the drama together. SO LET'S TRAVEL DOWN MEMORY LANE!

Kim Myung Soo posted this photo on his SNS while promoting the drama. MAN THESE PICTURES SEEM SO LONG AGO - even though they are only a year or so 😂

Shin Hye Sun also posted a photo with them together with these mugs. WHERE CAN WE GET THESE MUGS?!

Are you watching Royal Secret Agent? Are you sad to say goodbye to it?

Are you watching Mr. Queen? Are you sad to say goodbye to it?

Have you seen Angel's Last Mission: Love? Did you love it?

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