A new week means NEW SNS WEEKLY ROUNDUP! This week The Goddess of Revenge is ending so we are revisiting the cast to say goodbye to them and this drama. Lets take a walk down memory lane and see what posts the cast made while making this Kdrama.

First up is the lead, Kim Sa Rang, and it has been such a pleasure watching her in this drama. Her character has been a force to be reckon with and it has been so fun to watch! Here is some on set photos she posted of herself. She is getting ready to go undercover, get information and then reveal it on her revenge channel! 😈

Yoon Hyun Min has been posting some REALLY COOL behind the scenes photos. He is especially highlighting the crew behind the cameras, in the most creative way I might add. [ahhhh I now love him even more! ~ jw]

Yoo Sun played the villain we love in those BADASS POWER SUITS! You know we had to show off one of her suits in this post!

Yoon So Yi plays the detective that makes up 1 of the 4 person revenge team. Her character has been great for this drama because she is SO SUPPORTIVE AND LOYAL!

I got to post this picture that she posted on her SNS. It is from a scene of her character going into a club and she was just beautiful and her character was SO CONFIDENT! It was a delight to watch. [LOVED HER!! ~ jw]

Jung Eui Jae has been a nice discovery for me through this drama. The Goddess of Revenge has been my introduction to him and he has been a delight to watch. Even with just 2 more episodes to go, I AM STILL HOLDING OUT FOR A NOONA ROMANCE BETWEEN HIM AND YOON SO YI'S CHARACTER! I loved when his character pretended to be a hired gangster so here is a picture of him all dressed as a gangster.

We have loved watching this makjang melodrama every week and are sorry to say goodbye to it this week. Hopefully these pictures have provided a way for you to say goodbye to this drama as it ends this week.

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