LOTS OF KDRAMAS ARE STARTING AND ENDING THIS WEEK! You know since She Would Never Know is starting, WE HAVE TO FEATURE IT ON THIS WEEK'S SNS ROUNDUP! Let's check out what the cast has been posting and GET EXCITED FOR THE PREMIERE!

RoWoon is first up! He hasn't posted much YET from the drama but given how much he posted during Extraordinary You and that he is posting reunion photos with the cast (like the one below), I AM SURE WE ARE GOING TO GET A LOT OF CUTE INTERACTIONS! The Behind the Scenes videos of this drama that we have seen for this drama so far shows that He and his costar Won Jin Ah are having a great time working together.

Won Jin Ah posted this creative picture with the cast of She Would Never Know using one of those lit beauty mirrors. THE ENTIRE CAST LOOKS LIKE THEY ARE HAVING A BLAST!

Lee Hyun Wook is also in this drama. You may remember him from Search and Strangers From Hell in the last few years. I am curious to see him take on a role in a romance drama. To start the countdown to the drama, He posted a couple of behind the scene photos of himself while on set. It had the caption D-5 (5 days to go until the premiere).

Lee Joo Bin is also in this drama. You may remember her from Find Me in Your Memory and The Tale of Nokdu. She has posted quite a lot for She Would Never Know. Here are some photos she posted of the behind the scene action for when she was shooting her character poster.

LAST, but certainly not least BECAUSE there are a lot of great supporting actors/actresses in this drama, Wang Bit Na is a part of that cast! She has also posted a lot for this drama and IT HASN'T EVEN PREMIERED YET! She reposted some of the photos from jTBC. Here is a series of photos she reposted of a scene in the upcoming drama.

Well that is it for now. HOPEFULLY, this post has gotten you EVEN MORE excited for the premiere of this drama. Right now, just appreciate the pretty and then come to our LIVE Kdrama chats every Sunday and gush about this drama with us!

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