Mr. Queen is getting LOTS OF LOVE in Korea and Internationally. So we thought, WHY NOT REVISIT THE CAST IN THE SNS POST! See what photos we can find that they have posted while filming. We hope this helps when the drama ends! 😢

Of course, WE HAVE TO START WITH THE QUEEN HERSELF! Shin Hye Sun has been doing AN AMAZING JOB in this role and We love watching her every week. She has been having fun on set and posting lots of pictures. [LOVE HER SO MUCH 😍 How do we become Virgo ♍️ BFFS?! ~ jw830]

OUR KING - Kim Jung Hyun also has been busy, updating his SNS with photos from the drama. He looks handsome in his robes and has a lot of pictures on his profile interacting with cameras and staff.

Na Jong Chan has posted many videos and pictures from the set of Mr. Queen. The entire cast just look so comfortable with each other. They seem to be having lots of fun together on set. Here is some pictures of Na In U in costume, screenshots from the drama.

It is always cool when cast posts pictures and give us a glimpse of what all might go into doing their job. Here is Seol In Ah, attentively watching screens behind the camera. Either checking her own performance or watching other cast members work. Either way, you can tell this entire cast care about this drama and how they are doing.

Yoo Min Kyu's posts from this drama just make me laugh. They are just so funny. I mean look at Lee Jae Won in this picture! 😂😂😂

Speaking of Lee Jae Won, He has posted some photos from the set as well. He has also interacted with a bunch of the cast under their own posts so it is fun to see the cast interact in the comments as well.

Last BUT certainly not least, we have Yoo Young Jae. He has really grown as an actor and I can't wait to see what he will do in the future. Here is a photo he posted with his costar Chae Seo Eun.

Are you watching Mr. Queen? Are you loving it as much as we are!?

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