Not a lot of Kdramas are premiering in the first week of March BUT YOU KNOW WHAT DID PREMIER!? MOUSE - YES MOUSE!! [FINALLY!!! ~ jw]

Who is ready for a dark crime drama? WE AREEEE!! So, of course, this week's SNS roundup is ALL ABOUT MOUSE!!

Lee Seung Gi is one of the stars of Mouse. He will play a cop who comes face to face with a killer. He posted some behind the scene photos from the drama on his SNS. Here he is, reading over his lines while in costume on set.

Park Joo Hyun is one of the female leads in Mouse. SO HAPPY TO SEE HER BACK IN A DRAMA! She had a fantastic year last year with Extracurricular and Zombie Detective. She is SO GOOD acting in these dark dramas so I am excited to see what her character is like in Mouse. She posted a picture of her character poster as well as some shots of her through a camera lens.

Kyung Soo Jin is also part of the main cast of Mouse. You may remember her from Train from 2020. I am curious what her role will be like in this drama. From the teasers and everything, we really only know what Lee Seung Gi's role will be like. Here is a picture she posted of herself with a caption about Mouse - making a little joke.

Pyo Ji Hoon aka P.O is supposed to be in Mouse. He will be playing a detective. Here is a post that he posted recently towards the beginning of 2021. He hasn't posted much yet for Mouse but I am sure we will get more once the drama premieres.

LAST, but NOT LEAST - Kwon Hwa Woon is going to be in Mouse as well. It is sort of unclear what his role will be BUT I AM JUST EXCITED TO SEE HIM IN A NEW DRAMA! I loved him in Zombie Detective and Lie After Lie. Here he posted a selfie along with a Mouse poster just recently on his SNS.

Are you planning to watch Mouse?

Are you excited for it?

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