APRIL STARTS THIS WEEK! CAN YOU BELIEVE WE ARE IN APRIL ALREADY!? We decided to feature some of the upcoming April Kdramas in this week's SNS Weekly Roundup. Just to give you guys some preview of what you may be getting in April AND ALSO TO GET YOU EXCITED FOR THESE AWESOME LOOKING DRAMAS! 😁

FIRST UP IN APRIL KDRAMAS IS DRAMAWORLD 2! If you have not seen Season 1 of this webdrama, you DEFINITELY should check it out AND THEN YOU HAVE SEASON 2 TO WATCH! Henry Lau is one of season 2 stars and I LOVE HIS IG!

Taxi Driver is a Kdrama that starts in April and that TheKThree and I ARE ALL EXCITED FOR! Lee Je Hoon is going to so much fun to watch in this drama! [YESSSSSS!!! ~ jw] Here is a recent photo he posted with one of the coffee trucks sent to set. LOOK AT THE TAXI ON TOP!

Undercover is another Kdrama that The KThree and I are HESITANTLY optimistic about. If it is done well - IT WILL BE A LOT OF FUN TO WATCH! If you have not had the privilege of looking at Ji Jin Hee's IG account - TAKE A MOMENT AND LOOK AT IT NOW! He is very creative with his posts. I also enjoy his pictures. He posted the character posters to promote Undercover on his IG.

Jung Yong Hwa is going to star in Real Estate Exorcism and has posted a lot of promo content for the drama on his IG. He has posted everything from trailers to posters to behind the scene content. So, it has been a lot of fun following his IG for this Kdrama.

You guys KNOW The KThree and I are excited for Dark Hole. We love OCN dramas and we love scary dramas. SO WE ARE ALL IN FOR DARK HOLE! It is going to be SO MUCH FUN seeing Kim Ok Bin in this drama as a cop. Here is a behind the scenes photo she posted recently from the drama.

KIM BUM IS BACK IN APRIL! Law School is going to be such a different role for him than what we saw him last. There is no denying that he is a great actor so it will be interesting to see what he does with this new role and new challenge. He has posted various pictures to promote the drama on his IG from posters to trailers. Here is a behind the scene picture that he took with his costar Ryu Hye Young.

LAST but certainly not least, we got Jang Eui Soo in ANOTHER BL drama in April. He is everywhere it seems right now. He has had 2 dramas come out in the last week and now Nobleman's Ryu's Wedding will premiere in the middle of April. WE ARE SO HAPPY FOR HIM! We hope he keeps getting roles in the future! He recently posted a picture promoting Oh My Ladylord where he is in a suit so that is the picture below. Can't wait to see his photos for the upcoming BL. [LOVE LOVE LOVE that his career is thriving!! ~ jw]

What dramas are you looking forward to in April?

Did this SNS post make you interested in any of the Kdramas starting in April?

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