This week we say goodbye to A BUNCH of Kdramas so this week's SNS post is dedicated to the dramas that are ending. We will be posting a mix of SNS posts from these various dramas SO ENJOY ALL THE PRETTY PICTURES!

FIRST UP IS SHE WOULD NEVER KNOW! Rowoon and Won Jin Ah has delighted us with their romance every week. Rowoon has posted a bunch of pictures from the drama set throughout the drama's run. You can tell the cast had a lot of fun on set. Here is a picture of him, in character in the office.

Won Jin Ah also has posted a bunch of photos from set and with cast members. Here is a cute picture with every cast member from her office team. I love when cast members take pictures like this!

NEXT UP IS MARRIAGE LYRICS FOR DIVORCE MUSIC! Sung Hoon and Lee Ga Ryeong who play one of the couples in the drama. Let's see what they have posted recently!

Lee Ga Ryeong has posted a bunch of photos about the drama from character stills to behind the scene photos. Here is a nice picture with her and her fellow cast members Jeon Soo Kyung and Moon Sung Ho.

Sung Hoon has just posted a bunch of REALLY CUTE pictures of his dog so, OF COURSE, we have to include of picture of the dog in this post. HOW COULD WE NOT!?

LAST but not least we are saying goodbye to the CRAZY drama L.U.C.A.: The Beginning. I honestly have no idea how this drama is going to end. I have theories BUT MAN YOU NEVER KNOW! Lee Da Hee has been posting a bunch of photos of her character on her SNS. Here is a behind the scene photo with her and a sheep. YES, THERE ARE SHEEP INVOLVED IN THIS DRAMA! You really just need to watch this drama to find out. 😂 [OMG THE SHEEP!! ~ jw]

Another GREAT female character in this drama is played by Jung Da Eun. I LOVE HER FIERY RED HAIR IN THIS DRAMA! SHE JUST LOOKS SO BADASS!! I can't wait to see her next drama cuz I love her! [SAME!!! She deserved better! ~ jw]

Are you sad to see any of these dramas end?

Which ones have you really enjoyed as they aired?

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