MARCH 2020 - What is Caitlin Excited For?

Have you seen TheKThree's CAN'T WAIT TO WATCH [MARCH 2020] video on their YouTube channel? WE ARE GOING TO BE FLOODED WITH NEW KDRAMAS IN MARCH! What ones are you looking forward too? Are you just going to watch all of them or be picky and watch a few?

Here are my top 3 kdramas that I am looking forward too in March (did they match TheKthree's top kdramas?). Of course, Kpop releases will be included at the end of the post.

Kingdom Season 2


Kingdom Season 1 was one of my favorite kdramas of 2019 so NATURALLY Kingdom Season 2 has been one of most anticipated kdramas of 2020. IT IS FINALLY HERE! I know everyone is thinking "BUT CAITLIN, you don't like scary dramas, how can you watch and love Kingdom because THERE ARE ZOMBIES!?" My answer to this is I have no idea haha. I just love this series and can handle zombies somehow. I love the actors in this drama and the show is beautiful but of course also gory (just a warning). Just like TheKthree said in their video, WHO DOESN'T WANT A DOUBLE DOSE OF JOO JI HOON IN THEIR LIVES!? [thank you kdrama gods!!! - jw]

365: Repeat The Year

2) 365: Repeat The Year

I have been excited for 365: Repeat The Year since it was announced for 2 reasons. One is the cast of the drama. I love many actors and actresses in this drama from Kim Jee Soo from "Where the Stars Land", the male lead Lee Joon Hyuk and of course the female lead Nam Ji Hyun from her drama "100 Days My Prince". The female lead also has not done a drama in 2 years so it is exciting to see her coming back with a new drama. The second reason is this drama has a sci fi element and it has been a REALLY long time since I have watched a sci fi kdrama that wasn't a rom com. So this kdrama will be VERY refreshing!

The Married Life

3) The Married Life

Something about The Married Life spells mature drama with older actors AND I AM GETTING MAKJANG VIBES! If you know me, the minute I feel the makjang vibes, I AM THERE! I like the crazy dramas, the crazier and more insane, the BETTER! This kdrama is supposedly based off of the BBC drama Dr. Foster and I loved that show. Needless to say, I am looking forward to this DRAMA A LOT! The posters alone drew me in because they all look dark and sexy! [this is going to MISTY on crack right? 😬 - jw]

Kpop Releases I am looking forward too for MARCH

DPR Live - March 3rd

VIINI - March 4th

NCT127 - March 5th

ITZY - March 9th

VICTON - March 9th

TOO - March 18th

H&D - March 25th

THERE ARE A LOT OF KDRAMAS SCHEDULED TO PREMIERE IN MARCH! What ones are you looking forward too? What about other dramas? Any dramas from other countries you are excited to check out?

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