MAY 2020 - What is Caitlin Excited For?

WOW I CAN'T BELIEVE IT IS MAY ALREADY!! Just because it is a new month doesn't mean that kdramaland has slowed down. May brings a new group of kdramas AND A LOT OF THEM!

So we have heard what TheKThree is excited for and looking forward for May dramas...If you have not seen the video yet - you can watch it HERE!

NOW WHAT NEW KDRAMAS AM I (Caitlin) EXCITED FOR IN THE MONTH OF MAY!? (Let me tell you, it was hard to just pick 3 this month...May is bringing a lot good looking dramas and variety in what is starting as well.) I have a theme for what I am excited for in May - comedy AND food haha.

Team BullDog: Off-Duty Investigation

1) Team BullDog: Off-Duty Investigation

This drama just SCREAMS "THIS DRAMA IS FOR CAITLIN!" I have been excited for this drama ever since it was announced AND NOW IT IS PREMIEREING THIS MONTH! Team Bulldog is a crime drama where a group of people come together with different backgrounds to solve crime. This kdrama just seems to combine a lot of what I lvoe about crime dramas which is comedy, crime, and FOUND FAMILY! I am really looking forward to watch the Hijinks unfold in this one.

Oh My Baby

2) Oh My Baby

Keeping with the comedy trend (which I really need right now because I seem to be watching a lot of melodramas and dark crime dramas), Oh My Baby sounds like it will be very funny and just fun to watch! Who doesn't want 3 admirers vying for their attention all!? This drama also adds in the comedy of the female lead wanting a child so I am very excited to see how the comedy unfolds in this drama as well.

Mystic Pop Up Bar

3) Mystic Pop-Up Bar

A little bit of fantasy AND FOOD...I AM THERE! I love when kdramas are about food and Mystic Pop-Up Bar sounds like a magical food kdrama. I have always been a fan for fantasy dramas so this drama's description hooked me right away. I just get to look at food on screen and get wrapped up in the magical story that unfolds...sounds like a drama MADE FOR ME!

SPECIAL SHOUTOUTS TO ONE MORE KDRAMA BECAUSE IT SOUNDS LIKE IT IS ANOTHER DRAMA WRITTEN AROUND FOOD AGAIN! DINNER MATE which TheKThree were excited for in their video (and I am too because who doesn't want to watch 16 episodes of scenes in restaurants) [annnnnnd Officer Min 😜- jw]


May 4th - ASTRO

May 5th - 2Z

May 7th - BAP's Jongup

May 8th - PH1

May 11th - Day6

May 11th - NUEST

May 11th - MonstaX

May 13th - BVNDIT

May 13th - 2PM Jun.K

May 19th - NCT127

What are you looking forward too in May? Are there dramas from other countries that you are looking forward too?


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