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Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Hello Everyone! As you know my name is Caitlin or you may know me by my twitter handle @New2KoreanD2021.

I wanted to start out this blog by doing a more in-depth intro post because I want to interact with people through it and I feel like you need to know people to have a deeper conversation.

AND BIG THANK YOU TO THEKTHREE!! This wouldn’t exist without you guys! I look forward to working with you, as a part of your team.

As I said I am a Midwesterner who lives on the East Coast and I moved out here about 3 years ago or so. I am almost 30 with about ten years of drama watching (on and off) under my belt. Where did I start? WHERE EVERYONE STARTS! I came across Boys Over Flowers, checked it out and the rest is history…This drama cemented me into the world of Asian dramas and also led to me discovering kpop as well. Your typical story that you hear all the time but HEY everyone needs to start out somewhere.


Now eventually, Life got in the way and I ended up not watching any dramas for a couple years but I couldn’t stay away. The kdrama Stranger brought me back into the fold and now I have embraced it. I have explored outside of kdramas and have expanded to all forms of Asian dramas as well as music too. This makes Stranger (well Bae Doona) and Boys Over Flowers near and dear to my heart.

Anyone else have a similar story? Or do they have other introduction stories to Asian drama? I would love to hear about them!

My favorite genres are Crime and Fantasy. My background is in criminal justice so I am naturally drawn to crime dramas. This means I am constantly watching at least one crime drama at ALL TIMES! Trying to guess the outcome and who the killer or criminal is. The excitement and thrills exhilarate me and I always need to press play on my next one. I like the mysticism and wonder of fantasy dramas as well. There is something about magic and a happy ending that always puts a smile on my face. Fantasy dramas have a sense of EPICNESS to them that you can’t beat. That being said, I always watch a variety of dramas (both genre and countries) so I am open to try anything once. I never write off a drama without trying it out at least for a little bit.


I am writing this blog for me but also for you. If you want to hear my opinion on a drama or a song, LET ME KNOW! If you like a post and want to see more of it, LET ME KNOW! If you have a question and want to know my answer, ASK IT! I want this blog to grow and morph along with its readers and interactions. I want to reach a diverse set of readers and make a space for them to interact and express those opinions. I have big plans for this blog such as Movie Night posts and Throwback Thursday posts as well as opinion pieces but we will start slowly but surely.

I am so excited to start this new journey, having a space to interact with people and learn their opinions and thoughts and to be a part of the awesome team of TheKThree!

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