NOVEMBER 2020 - What is Caitlin Excited for?

We haven't done one of these in a while SO WHY NOT DO ONE FOR NOVEMBER!

TheKThree uploaded their video for November dramas so go and check it out for their thoughts of November dramas and what they are excited for in the coming month!

So what is Caitlin Excited for in the November Drama List?

I have 3 dramas that I have my eye on for November - We will see where the dramas show up to see if I can watch them.

Take Revenge

1)Take Revenge has many things going for it for me. First, REVENGE STORY - any drama that has revenge in the plot is IMMEDIATELY YES FOR ME. I like that not one BUT both leads are out for revenge, Second, it sounds like it will have FOUND FAMILY elements because it sounds like a team will be built out of people who want revenge on the same target and will work together to get it. I AM SO THERE!!!

The Uncanny Counter

3)The Uncanny Counter sounds like SO MUCH FUN! I mean who doesn't want to watch a drama about demon hunters who run a noodle shop HAHA. [YESSSSSS! - jw] This drama sounds like it will have a little bit of everything - supernatural, action, comedy and thriller. I am just curious how this drama will be AND WHAT A GREAT CAST!


3)Awaken should be no surprise to anyone that knows me and what I like to watch. It is a crime drama SO OF COURSE I AM WATCHING IT AND EXCITED FOR IT! Since FOUND FAMILY is one of my favorite drama tropes and this drama sounds like it will have this trope because of the team element investigating a series of incidents - THIS DRAMA WAS MADE FOR ME! [and OF COURSE Namgoong Min!! 😈 - jw]

SO BASICALLY - I match what TheKThree is excited for in Kdramaland for November!

What dramas are you excited for in November?


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