Now I am sure you all have noticed this but THERE HAVE NOT BEEN THAT MANY ROMANCE CENTERED KDRAMAS AIRING LATELY! The KThree and I asked the question of WHY - why have there not been that many romance Kdramas airing lately? We have come up with 2 theories (maybe 2.5 theories). We are going to lay out those 2 theories for you guys and then we would like to hear your theories!

Theory #1: COVID Restrictions

The big theory is COVID and the ongoing restrictions due to the pandemic. In dramas that are centered around a romance, you have a lot more intimate and close scenes than you would get in a crime or action Kdrama. Maybe because it might be easier to film the crime/action Kdramas right now, this is a reason why there aren't a lot of romance Kdramas premiering currently. You don't have kissing or hugging in crime/action Kdramas most of the time so the production of these dramas maybe have an easier time filming the dramas and working with those restrictions. Now, we aren't saying that there are other scenes and scenarios filmed in crime/action dramas that the crew and cast have to be careful due to COVID but they aren't kissing on the lips THAT IS FOR SURE!

Another theory that sort of goes along with COVID/COVID restrictions is that maybe there were romance dramas in the lineup for networks. Due to dramas and schedules being moved around because of COVID, what was brought up were the crime/actions dramas so now it seems that everything airing right now are those dramas because the romance dramas were delayed for one reason or another.

Theory #2: International Audience and attention

Due to the pandemic, Kdramas have gotten WAY MORE POPULAR internationally. People seem to have easier and easier access to Kdramas throughout the world. A theory of ours is maybe there is some type of statistics out there that shows that crime/action dramas do AMAZING internationally and Korea/networks want to keep that momentum. Maybe Netflix wants to keep that momentum going internationally. Now we aren't saying that there weren't some MAJOR POWERHOUSE ROMANCE DRAMAS (Eternal Monarch or Its Okay to Not Be Okay) that dominated the international audience during the pandemic but if you look at the recent SUPER popular Kdramas on Netflix they were dramas like Sweet Home and The Uncanny Counter.

Theory #2.5: Ratings in Korea

Working off the popularity with international audiences theory, when you look at the ratings in Korea over the last couple months, the ratings are DOMINATED by crime/action dramas. There have been a couple of exceptions to this such as Mr. Queen. Now this may be because that is mostly what is airing at the moment. Another half theory is since all of these action/crime dramas are doing do well in ratings in Korea, networks are just keeping that momentum and choosing to air more action/crime dramas. You look at the ratings for the few romance dramas that have aired, they haven't done badly BUT they FOR SURE could not beat the crime/action dramas that were airing at the same time.

Do you have any theories about this? What do you think might be the reason why there have not been Romantic Kdramas airing lately?

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