Keeping with our dark and scary theme for October, our kdrama for this month and this post HAD TO BE The Lies Within.

This drama is perfect for October due to its themes of murder, darkness and secrets. You really never know what is going to happen in each episode. One aspect of this drama that stood out to me immediately was the music. It has HEAVY synths and reminds me a lot of the X-Files theme song. NATURALLY, there was only ONE song that came to mind when trying to find a song to pair with The Lies Within (granted there are many songs to choose from just based on my reasoning to pair this particular song)

Taemin's solo release "Move" is a perfect match when you are matching a song based on dark, HEAVY synths which you find in the background music of The Lies Within. I immediately thought of Taemin and his music when I heard the synths because that is a theme throughout all of his solo releases. I chose 'Move" because it seems like 1980s inspired the music video a lot.

"Move" even gives off 80s vibes by the creative direction of the music video. It uses retro looking aesthetics such as a grainy screen and security camera overlay on the screen. It gives the idea to the viewer that this music video was shot in the 80s. The music video gives off a sexy, dark image with everything from the dancing, color grading and of course the song! This whole video SCREAMS 1980s...which is the reason why it is a MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN!

Can you think of any other songs that might pair well with The Lies Within? What about other dramas that pair well with Taemin's 'Move'? COMMENT BELOW! We want to hear what you think.

Have you seen our September MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN? We did a pairing with Graceful Family which just wrapped up this week.

Tune into this week's Weekly Watchlist to hear what Jenn, Karen & Marisa think of The Lies Within.

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